Setup and Control HomeKit-enabled Accessory on iOS

One of the best and the latest as well as exciting technological introduction made by Apple Inc. is the HomeKit. All your Home accessories can be controlled right from your iPhone or iPad. Have you ever thought of it that life will be once so easy? Whether it is lightning a bulb or rising temperature of your home all stuff can be done from your iPhone or iPad sitting at one place. The Technology introduced a few months ago will surely be a remarkable innovation ever known. Apple developers have designed Home-kit so well that it has become the primary framework for communication and control of connected home accessories. The unmatched ease of use, control, advanced security and tight integration with Siri, all these have made it an outstanding invention from apple. Let’s know more about
Homekit enabled devices.

The HomeKit outline is to simplify the current state of home automation. With the use of Home kit you can control smart devices of your home through your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, the devices of your home that is connected to your iPhone or iPad can be controlled with Siri that will recognize both voice and command and function accordingly to it. Now let’s see how it will work.

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How to Setup HomeKit-enabled Accessory on How to Setup and Control HomeKit-enabled Accessory on iOS devices:

Step #1-

At first, go to App Store on your iPhone/iPad and download the app for HomeKit-enabled accessory.

Step #2-

Now, you all need is pairing the accessory with your iPhone or iPad.HomeKit

(Note: to pair launch the downloaded app from the accessories)

Step #3- 

While pairing you will be asked for the set-up code of the HomeKit enabled accessory to enter. Once the pairing is done move ahead with other process.

That’s all, now your iPhone or your iPad is connected to your smart device.

How to Control HomeKit-enabled Accessory on iOS devices:

Step #1-

Now on the controlling part, first of all you need to activate Siri. To activate Siri, press and hold on the Home Add HomeKit Accessory-controlbutton.

Step #2-

Once Siri is activated; Give your command and Siri will do the task.

(Note: If you are using the smart products with Siri then you will need your iPhone to unlock every time your job is done)

Now geeks you are all clear about both Setup and control process. Now let’s know more about HomeKit Products.

HomeKit products:

Manufactures of Smart devices must add support list to the products to consider the devices as Home-kit enabled. When Apple announced the home-kit, it had made partnerships with many manufactures like iHome, Withings, Philips, Belkin, Honeywell, Kwikset, iDevices and Haier. Then the manufactures produces some smart devices or home-kit enabled devices. The devices include:


Eltago includes sensors for your room that will control your doors, windows as well as weather. The eve app is also ready for the users to download. Now let’s focus on the first ranges of products are:

  • Eve room
  • Eve weather
  • Eve energy
  • Eve doors& windows


This US manufacture has smart devices that will surely meet the human demands. Various range of Home-kit enabled devices with specially designed integration.


Lutron brings solutions to command your lights. This manufacturer through its Caseta wireless system will control the lightning of your home by using Wireless Lighting Starter Kit, with HomeKit-enabled Smart Bridge. The Homekit products by Lutron include Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge and Caséta Wireless dimmers that are compatible with dimmable LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.


This manufacture introduces iSP5 Smartplug that easily fits into the wall socket so that you can turn-OFF connected devices through Siri.


Whether it’s to control your cameras, switches or sensors the Insteon Hub will control your smart devices by Siri or the time schedule set. The time schedule allows the OFF and ON of the device at the customized time. Moreover, it facilitates grouping that allows controlling multiple device in a single command.

How it works:

Configuring devices by Names:

HomeKit is a multiple device connecting framework where everything such as home, room, device, control, setting etc. must have its own name provided that is stored in a database accessible to Siri. As Siri is the command partner everything must be recognized by Siri.

For example: If your bed room and kitchen, you will have to assign each name to each section. Like if you are having one or more kitchen you will have to use two different names to each kitchen.


Grouping allows controlling multiple things at once. If you are an expert you can assign different names each section of your home but the grouping feature that is available allows a single command to the device connected under a group. Under grouping there are certain type of similar devices are connected under one name and on the given command all do their assigned job at that instance of time.

For example: If you have scene set as “good morning”. Then at that instance the door, lights, cloak etc. do their respective job on the command.


Home-Kit includes encrypting your iOS device and your smart device that keep your smart devices safe from being misused.    Moreover, the Home-kit API needs the third-party applications to run in foreground, so that monitoring the connected devices becomes easy and you know which apps are controlling your smart devices at home.

Anyway, HomeKit is a great advantage to the humans of modern lifestyle. This is surely an extraordinary invention from Apple and off-course that needs a salute.

So be smart and be with the Smart lifestyle by using HomeKit .Now you have sound knowledge on the devices to enable HomeKit as well as along with the knowing of smart devices you now got the idea for How to Setup and Control HomeKit-enabled Accessory on iPhone or iPad. So what you waiting for start your smart life geeks.

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