There are situations when you are on vacation, and you cannot use your computer due to the unavailability of the internet connection. Since you are a busy person and you receive plenty of mails on the daily basis every day, this keeps you can have an alternative. Particularly, when the emails are very important and there is a need to response. It might lead to keep your hands on your head if you lose something due to your absence, to avoid such a situation, you can setup automatic email reply with Gmail email template. This automatic email reply will work as soon as you leave the computer for some duration and cannot be online.

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Gmail automatic reply

Consider a situation when you are very busy and have a very tight schedule. It becomes very tough and wasting of time if you have to reply each and every email which are useless or some other person asking the same question. To get over these situations you need to create auto reply in Gmail to those types of email addresses.

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Gmail canned Response

setup automatic email reply

Gmail canned Response is the email template. One can create these templates and have automatic reply to some selected email addresses. Other than that you can also use these templates to reply automatically to the blog visitors or anybody who would like to contact with you. All you need to do use Gmail template properly. Given here is the proper technique to setup automatic email reply using Gmail Email Template.

How to Setup for automatic email reply

Gmail Auto Responder helps you to send or enable auto reply in Gmail. After signing in your Gmail account, you need to follow in the following steps to click on the settings link at the top most corner. Under the general tab. You will find the Vacation responder. Activate the responder and write down the subject and the message body that he/she will receive as a response to the email they send. As a default the email sets the duration of automatic email reply in Gmail as 7 days in the Google accounts. But you can extend time by defining the end date. Vacation responder is very useful, if you are out of town and want to tell your friend if they send you some mail. But if you want to reply your blog visitor using this email reply might not sound good. Since it reply to all the mails from the same contact once in every 4 days. It is not a good idea to send acknowledgments to blog readers as they can contact several times in a day.

Creating a Canned template in Gmail

Create a filter

If somebody sends you mails asking the same type of questions for several times, then answering them is not professional one. For this situation, you can create a canned template in your Gmail account to automatically reply the same type of emails.

Sign in your Gmail account and click on the settings link and then head on to the labs. It will then display you all the available labs that feature out there. As you find the canned response, enable it by selecting the radio button. Do not forget to save the lab settings before leaving the page. As you finish doing that, you need to activate the canned response on the click on compose mail. From the new drop down menu named canned response. After that you need to create a canned template by clicking on the new canned response. Then a pop up window will appear where you will have to put a name for the canned response template. Make sure that you place relevant names to the templates so to have recognition for future reference.

Google filters

If you want to reply to all the mail you can do that by using Google filter option. All you have to do is create a new filter and choose the search criteria option to choose anything from the incoming mail id or the message body. As you complete selecting the subject you move on to the next step. After that you click on the send canned response and select your canned response template from the drop down box.

Vacation responder on

Gmail message templates are nice but do you find yourself choosing the same template for the same replies over and over again. It becomes interrupted when you send and then open the next mail and you know exactly which canned reply you would like to send. Fortunately you can let Google know what you want to reply and have it send them by itself. Simple filters can do all those murmur chitchat by its own if you want it to do.

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