By setting your LED Flash When an iPhone is Ringing, you need to answer it suddenly and avoid missing call while communicating with your friends and colleagues. In certain situation can’t hear the ringing in that stage you can use the settings. Let us discuss how to enable iPhone flash when ringing and what are benefits about it.

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 Set to flash the LED light on your iPhone :

  • To set flash in your iPhone, just get into the Settings menu and select General then choose Accessibility.
  • Until you get the LED Flash for Alerts tap it down.
  • Then move the slider to on.
  • You need to set your iPhone in silent mode for that click Settings, select Sound options and turn off the vibration mode .
  • To turn off the ringer on the side of your iPhone just press it.
  • And your iPhone is automatically on the resting screen, now you can see the flashing alerts easily.
  • While each time you receive a call or a new notification, on the back of your iPhone the LED flash blinks three times.

Compatible iPhone models:

On iPhone 4, 4S and 5 LED flashing alerts are available. The feature for accessing the slider is same on all iPhone’s. Suppose if you decide for longer time you don’t want LED to flash on your iPhone, press the button to off and change into vibration mode. And immediately it will stop the notification.

Additional benefits by using this settings:

On iPhone you’re enjoying to music hearing through headphone, you does not hear a regular alert, but you can able to see the LED flash on your iPhone. It helps you a lot by using this setting even you can find your phone when you missed it. You kept somewhere else and you could not find it yet you can give a call and it will flash the LED light by seeing this you can find your iPhone easily.