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Just like your iPhone’s alarms app, Alarms On Apple Watch works in the same way. iPhone has an alarm clock, stopwatch and a timer, Apple Watch also has all the same built-in apps which work in the same way. But what if your iPhone is far away from you? Or you don’t wake up from the music? Apple watch helps in getting you up on time because you are wearing it.

iPhone alarm clock vs Apple Watch alarm clock

The Apple watch alarm clock is completely different from the alarm clock of your iPhone. Apple Watch’s alarm clock will not show you the alarms set on the iPhone’s alarm clock, and vice versa.

iPhone alarms work and collaborate with Apple Watch alarms. For example, if your iPhone alarms go off and your Apple Watch is not on your wrist, only iPhone’s alarm will alert you. In this way, you can save yourself from silencing two devices.

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If you are having your Apple Watch on your wrist, the iPhone’s alarm will push through the Apple Watch and wake you up. If you happen to snooze or dismiss the alarm, it will silence the alarms on both the devices.

Also, you can create different alarms on both your devices for better functioning. If by chance, your iPhone is away from you or you don’t want it nearby, you can set alarms on your Apple Watch. It will send you wrist notifications so that you wake up on time.

Ways to create and manage alarms on Apple Watch

There are different ways by which you can set alarms on your Apple Watch. You can set, edit and delete the alarms according to your wish. Set up notifications, sounds and timer as and when you like.

Wake up with the help of Siri

You can command Siri to set an alarm for you. It is by far the simplest and easiest way to set an alarm clock.

Just look at the watch face and say ‘Hey Siri’. To set an alarm, say ”Hey Siri, set an alarm for 6 AM” or ” Hey Siri, set repeating alarm for 6 AM”. The alarm will go off every day. If you do not want to set alarms for the weekend, simply say ”Hey Siri, set my alarm for weekdays at 6 AM”.

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Use the Alarm App on Apple Watch

Sometimes, Siri is not the proper option for setting your alarms. You can also set alarms on the Alarm App. To create and set an alarm on the app using your Apple Watch, follow the steps below.

Launch the Alarms App on your Apple Watch.


Press firmly on the screen and then tap Add alarm create a new alarm. If you have any previously created alarms, you can set them on your own. Begin by adjusting the time clockwise or anti clockwise. Clockwise will increase the time and anti clockwise will decrease it. Also, do not forget to change AM PM. Once done, tap on Set.

apple watch alarm clock

How to verify apple watch alarm sound or Vibrate

Slide up your Watch face to open Control Center. If the watch is charging and silent mode is on, there will be no audio feedback – only haptics. If the watch is charging and it is not on silent mode, alarms will make a sound. The best part, “Do Not Disturb” mode will not stop your alarm from sounding! Its main feature is to stop all general notifications. If the settings are on, a screen like this will be seen.

Navigate to ‘Sounds and haptics’ from the settings menu. You can adjust the alarm volume and silent mode. The alarm sound will keep on increasing until you switch it off.

Edit, snooze, delete or label the alarm

How to change alarm time on apple watch

Tap on the alarm to edit it. To temporarily switch off an alarm, just toggle the on off button to disable or activate the alarm. Scroll down and toggle the snooze button to on or off it.

How to Delete alarm time on apple watch

Delete an alarm by scrolling down and selecting delete option.

To label an alarm, tap on the Label option on the new alarm screen. You can speak your desired label because it will be difficult to type it on screen. If the label is correct, tap the done option. If the label did not turn out correctly, you can again speak the label and correct it.

To see same alarm on both iPhone and Apple watch

To see the same alarms on both your iPhone and Apple watch, first set the alarm on your iPhone. Then open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, then tap Clock, and then turn on Push Alerts from iPhone. Your Apple Watch alerts you every time when an alarm goes off so you can dismiss or snooze the alarm. In the case of iPhone, you aren’t alerted to it when Apple Watch alarms go off.

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