Tick tock… tick tock… Wow a brand new Apple watch; you are such an Apple fanatic, that you have purchased an Apple watch. Well kudos to you mate! Since you obviously wanted your timepiece to be class apart and keep time within 50 milliseconds of the global standard, you have yourself the perfect model for you.

Now, though you have bought it as a separate gem to add to your Apple products collection, your Apple Watch is a gadget that is essentially designed to be a buddy to your iPhone. It is the perfect iPhone accessory!

So, when you are setting up the Apple Watch with your iPhone, it almost feels like installing another application on your iPhone, much like you would do with those fancy new apps from iStore.

But do not let this daunt you okay? Whatever happens, remember that your Apple Watch is always your newest Apple product conquest. And once you have paired it up with your iPhone, it will have all the apps that you use on your phone on it as well.

Now comes the real question – How do you set up your Apple Watch with your iPhone?

Do not worry. It is a pretty easy and really simple process. It is not very time consuming either. If you have 20 minutes to spare from your busy time-schedule then I will tell you the trick. If you don’t, then please make time.



The Apple Watch only works with the iPhone 5 or later models. So if you have gone ahead and got an Apple Watch, make sure you have a suitable phone which can be paired with it. Otherwise, the purchase of your Apple Watch is all in vain.

If you have gone ahead and purchased an Apple Watch and do not have a suitable model of the iPhone to pair it with, do not fret. Just get a new phone.

     So what DO you have to do?

 Step 1: Charge your watch.

Charge your apple watch

Like you usually do with a new phone or camera, take the Watch out of its box, find the charger, and plug it in! The Apple Watch usually comes with full charge at the time of your purchase, but one can never be sure and it always better to charge it if it did not have full charge.

Step 2: Switch on your Apple Watch

 There will be a button on the side of your Apple Watch [probably silver in color, since your Apple Watch is the same in color]. Press this button for a couple of seconds and your Apple Watch will turn on. You can now see the awesome Apple logo on the screen.

Step 3: Pick a language.

You are presently requested to pick a preferred language. Customize your Apple watch to your most preferred language.

Step 4: Update your iPhone.

 general software upgrade


Now, assuming you have the correct model of an iPhone that can be paired with your Apple Watch, make sure you have the correct software. Typically, you will require the version of iOS 8.2 or later versions. The Apple Watch app is already pre-installed on this interface. If by some weird fluke it is not, install the app.

Step 5: Open the Apple Watch app.

Now that you have the correct model and OS of your iPhone, and you have succeeded in procuring the Apple Watch application on your phone, it is time to open the app to continue with the setup.

Step 6: How do you connect?

 Aim your iPhone camera at your newly purchased Apple Watch after you have opened the app on your iPhone. The app will give you instructions to pair your devices. These will be simple step-by-step instructions.

Don’t think too much. You can blindly follow these instructions. After you are done, your devices will automatically get paired.

Step 7: How do you know you succeeded?

When the devices are paired, an animated cloud made entirely out of dots will appear on your devices’ screens. This is your success signal. Embrace it.

On the other hand, if this fails, you can manually pair the devices. Click “i” on the display of your Apple Watch and you will find your iPhone’s name on it. Click it to pair.

Step 8: Agree to the term.

 You will now need to Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Do so.

But here’s the hitch. Do not agree to the terms and conditions blindly. NOT EVER. NOT FOR ANYTHING.

READ THEM. This will only help you for when of bad and problematic situations.

Step 9: Approve.

When you are done accepting the terms and conditions, you can approve your device via iCloud. You will likely need to set up a passcode at this juncture. Do so.

Be sure your passcode adheres to the guidelines required. Also make sure you can remember it later.

Step 10: Take a call.


This is where you decide whether you want your phone to unlock your watch for you. If you are undecided, say “yes”. There is always an option to change your mind later.

 Step 11: The wait.


This is the bit that is a teensy weensy bit time consuming. Your devices need to sync. This might take 10 to 15 minutes.

After this is complete, you have successfully paired your Apple Watch to you iPhone. Enjoy!