Nothing is so crazy than clicking a Photo and capturing a video isn’t it !!! Anyway guys am so crazy about every click .

Likewise there is nothing so precious than looking at the crazily captured fun, loving moment after a long time. Memories hidden behind each memorable photo clicks are always worth to keep safe and worth of time to look upon it again.

Absolutely the popular application that we all use in our all phones is camera . iPhone and iPad are popular gadgets that has taken its birth from the renowned brand Apple Inc is quite famous among the generation like all other Apple products. A click with Apple product is highly prestigious too.

How to Search Specific Photos Videos on iPhone or iPad

Now our favorite hobby of clicking is always easy but what is ridiculous and a herculean task is to search for one specific photo among our thousands of photos in gallery. It really makes everyone of us get tired very soon by scrolling. But here I’m putting an end to this problem. Now no more searching a photos or videos on iPhone or iPad is a weary job.

So let’s know “How to Search Specific Photos, Videos on your iPad and iPhone easily.”

Step 1: By using photos apps and photo and video sharing option

Normally people take images and videos of their special moments and selfies to remember their memories. Now every smart phone and iPods’ is coming with high quality cameras. So people normally take pictures with phones and iPods.

Taking a photo or video became part of our daily routine . No day without a click . This made our gallery to pile up with a heap hill of our captures. When you want to search for your specific videos or photos it becomes really hectic . Sometimes it is harder to get any specific photos from many photos from the phone or iPad’s’.

People normally see those old photos to refresh their old moments. But don’t worry you can easily find out your old photos which are save in your iPhone or iPad easily without browsing the whole files of photo. There is a photos app which always helps you to find out any photos which are already there in your iPhone or iPod. It not only helps you to find out the photo but also it assists you to find out the videos. So here I tell you geeks about how to use photos app to find a specific iPhone photos and videos .

So now Let’s go further …

Method one

So the first method that i am going to introduce to you to solve this problem is with the help of your knowledge on the photos and videos you looking for . Shall we do geeks ??? Ok so are you wondered what knowledge you need to do this .

No worries am explaining it simply. As i told you here you can search your photos or videos quickly if you can remember anything about that photo or video . Did you got what i meant by’ remember anything ‘ ? You may search for a specific photo or video that means you know something about it specifically . If you know then here you can get it done so easily.

Listen this to know how it works : You may be very well aware about the Photos app which is an inbuilt thing.This has the best search facility which enables to pick out the specific one from the heap hill collection. Quick Search for your specific photo or video using Photos app is possible by remembering certain things like   :

  • When was the photo or video was taken ,i mean the date or year .
  • Where was the photo or video was captured exactly the location of it .
  • The face tag in Photos for OS X by this you find out with the people tagged if you have tagged faces.

There you go now ,but remember one thing whatever i said is possible if your Location sharing is turned on. As these works on the ground of the face tags and location info . If you don’t know to turn on your location sharing then scroll down the below given steps.

  • First Go to your Home screen – main menu  .
  • Now you can see the settings app , Just click on it .
  • Now you can see the screen like the image given below.settings-privacy
  • In this above image you can see the option privacy , click it .
  • The next thing you get is like the below image.

Location services on

  • Now as shown above click on the Location service option and turn it to on mode if its in off mode .
  •  On Location service click on Camera option . After clicking on camera you can find two options like “Never” and “While using the App” . Click on any of these as your preferred choice .


Here we are done with the basic things . Now moving on we gotta know how to search specific photos or videos using Photos app .

photos app

As given in the above image click on the photos app . This will give you an option with photos or album folder.

  • Now in this you can find an option with the symbol of magnifying glass ,its the search button. You can find it on the top side so just click there and start search .
  • As i said already in search box , you can make search based on what you remember about that image or video .

Eg . If you remember a nearby location or the exact place , just type that and you will get the desired search results for that or say like if you remember the date, time or year then search based on that else if you have done face tagging use search based on it.

So now you are clear about how to search for a specific video or photo that you are looking for .

So geeks go through it …