“Screen Overlay Detected” Error in Apps on Android : What is it and how to fix it? 

What is Screen Overlay?


Screen Overlay is the ability (feature) of an android application to draw itself over another app or appear on top while another app is being used. Example : The Musixmatch lyric bubble that appears while one plays music from other apps like Google Play Music, Spotify, Etc. Or the chat heads of Facebook.

Sometimes users running Android Marshmallow or above face a small error with a popup “Screen Overlay Detected” message which won’t allow the user to open any newly installed application such as Whatsapp ,device gallery or many other application.  The error occurs mainly because some app with “Draw Over Other Apps” permission enabled is running in the background or foreground.

Apps such as Facebook (Messenger),Twilight,Drupe,Lux,Clean Master,etc have been known to cause this error as they always have screen overlay enabled.

But there’s nothing to worry, it’s a normal error faced by many users running android version 6.0 and above which has a simple solution to it. Follow the Step By Step guide below and bid adieu to the “Screen Overlay Detected” error.

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How to Solve the “Screen Overlay Detected” Error on Android ?

Method 1 :

  • An easy fix for the screen overlay detected error would be to exit the apps having screen overlay permission enabled. Or apps that use Floating windows before installing any new application or after it asks to disable screen overlay.
  • Clear the newly installed application from recent apps and open it again.

This method only works if you know which app is causing the screen overlay error, you can follow another method mentioned below if this one doesn’t work.


Method 2 :

The second method involves disabling screen overlay of every app before running the newly installed app for the first time. So when screen overlay detected error is shown in any app follow the below steps.

  • Open Settings by pressing the gear icon after pulling down the notification bar or by clicking on the settings icon from the app drawer.
  • Head down the settings menu and find “Apps”. Click on that.




  • In apps interface, click on the gear button on top right corner.



  • In this screen as above, choose “Draw over other apps” option and tap it
  • Now, in the “Draw over other apps” page you can see all apps having screen overlay/draw over other apps permission.


  • In this page as below, you need to switch OFF the “Permit drawing over other Apps” button like this.



  • Now clear the app you were running from “Recent Screen” and Open the app again. Voila!! The app should run perfectly without any errors.
  • Once you get the app settled up for the first time the next step would be to go back to the apps menu and reactivate screen overlay for every app back again that we disabled in step vi.

The above method should solve the “Screen Overlay Detected” Error for every android device. One handed operation is also known to cause the “Screen Overlay Detected” error for Samsung users. The error can be easily fixed by turning off One Handed Operation mode from the settings app.

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Fix Screen Overlay Detected In Samsung :


For Samsung phones, because of the customization by their UI “Touchwiz” the options are rather different. Just follow the simple steps to solve the error on your Samsung mobile phones.

  • First go to Settings on your Samsung mobile phone (From notification bar or use the menu)
  • Scroll down and find “Applications” open it.
  • On top of the “Applications” menu you will see the “Application Manager” option, click on that.




  • Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner and select  the “Apps that can appear on top“, which will take you to the list of apps.


  • Disable the feature for all the apps shown and clear the background running apps on your device.
  • Now you can go and open the app that was giving the “Screen overlay Detected” error.
  • Come back to the “Apps that can appear on top” menu and enable the permission for every app again.

In conclusion the “Screen Overlay Detected” error in Android Marshmallow and above can be easily solved by the above mentioned methods. Feel Free to drop a comment below or contact me if you still haven’t managed the solve the issue and I shall try my best to solve the problem for you. Cheers 🙂

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