Samsung the Galaxy Note 4, The Note 4 looks very familiar. a large new Smartphone it sticks to the formula of the Note 3. It has wide variety of features that is bright and clear image with advanced camera, premium screen. Select the text and content on any screen put together if you wish to share it even you can done it. To improved digital handwriting experience through enhanced pressure sensitivity Samsung Galaxy introduced S Pen. Here we are going to discuss about how to save picture from MMS on you Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or how to save MMS pictures on android. Few steps are given below to done this.

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Open the Messaging application in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Then select the group of messages that has the picture you like to save.


The Message options dialogue box appears when you tap and hold the image.


Select Save attachment.



Suppose if you do not have this option, you may be save the picture  with a slideshow. In this case,

Select View slideshow > Menu > Save attachment.

Select the file you like to save, then tap Save.

Now your picture is saved to your memory device and you can view it from the Gallery Application.

I hope above information will useful to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users for save picture from text message on Galaxy Note.