Facing battery down is a common issue faced by all the Android device users. No matter how much battery life your vendor may have promised, you will experience your smartphones going through a quick loss of battery power. The Android devices with LCD or AMOLED display lose battery quicker than other devices. However, you can save battery power on Android devices if you know what exactly is causing the battery drain. Most Android device use Lithium ion or Lithium polymer batteries. Both these batteries, however, are Lithium ion and don’t have any memory. This means that they do not must complete charge or discharge and can work fine on partial charging throughout their life. As a matter of fact, it is better to charge your smart phones little by little, when you can, instead of fully charging and draining them. There are many ways to save battery power on Android devices and following these tips can give you satisfactory results and improve your Android device’s battery life.

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Power Save Mode

Dark Colored Backgrounds:

The largest consumer of your battery power is your display screen. The larger and brighter your screen, more battery power it consumes. If you have an AMOLED display, which is the most common type of screen displays in modern Android devices, make sure you use darker backgrounds for your wallpapers and themes. Since AMOLED display only illuminates colored pixels, darker display will help you save battery power on android devices as compared to colored ones. Make sure you use darker backgrounds in apps too, wherever possible.

Auto Brightness:

Auto Brightness is a very good feature and it helps in saving battery life by reducing brightness wherever possible. But mostly, auto brightness is much brighter than the required brightness for clear vision and you can save much more battery power by setting the brightness level to lowest possible level, that is comfortable for your eyes and increasing it when you need to. Your screen consumes 60% of your battery power on average, you can cut this by lowering brightness and using darker backgrounds. Get rid of the animations too, if you want to save battery power on android devices.


Vibration alerts seem like a good way to get silent notifications in situations such as attending a meeting or sitting through a lecture. But your mobile needs more battery power to vibrate itself than to ring. So make sure your vibration is off, when it is not needed. Also turn off vibration on touch. This will help you save battery power on android devices.

Cheap Knockoffs:

Buying cheap rip-offs is always a bad idea. Using original batteries is very important for the life and performance of your battery as well as your Android device. These cheaper knockoffs give a substandard performance and a reduced battery life. So if the original battery has died out or if you have lost it, make sure you buy another original one. It might prove to be costly and hard to get but at the end of the day, it is better than using cheap versions that damage your Android devices massively.

Battery Saving Mode:

Android manufacturers realize that you want to save your battery power. This is one of the best options for you to save battery power on Android devices. And almost all the new Android devices come with a pre-developed Battery Saver Mode. This increases your stand-by time greatly and helps you save battery power on your Android devices. Mostly these battery saving modes cut your device’s display attributes and turn off data transmission, WiFi, Bluetooth and Location services when you are not using your device. This might hinder in the way of you getting notifications on time, but it helps you save battery power on Android devices. And your device reconnects as soon as you turn on your screen and you will get all the notifications and alerts then.

Airplane Mode:

Putting your device in Airplane Mode when you are not expecting calls or going to sleep helps to save battery power on your android devices. However this makes you unavailable to anyone who tries to contact.

Be Smart with Apps and Widgets:

Most of the apps now support dynamic notifications. Which means that you can see the text or content of the notification without having to unlock your screen and you can choose if you want to discuss them or not. Widgets for Lock screen notifications are also available. Getting rids of Apps and Widgets that you don’t use is a very smart thing to do. It not only clears out your device, but it also helps you save battery power on Android devices. Widgets such as Weather or News Widgets connect to Internet often, so get rid of them if need be. Make sure you have Auto updates for apps turned off. You can always update these apps manually when you want to. Auto update could be draining your data and battery at the wrong time without you knowing.

Thus, by employing the above mentioned steps, you can save battery power on Android devices.