We all know how difficult it is to have different software to run different file formats. If you want to work on a document then you got to have any Office software or when you want to run any video format then software like VLC is needed. Sometimes you even want to use files from different devices so you have to download an emulator. In situations like these you can either install the software or you can use the following web apps that will let you open stuff on your browser without installing or downloading anything on your device.

These web services offer cloud runtime space environment and allows you to use the software on the web browser itself. Let’s now talk about the web services and their advantages and disadvantages. We cannot just choose the best one that will be socially preferred. It all depends on what you need so we are giving you a list of 5 of the best web services which provides you with a way to run desktop and mobile apps anywhere.

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rollApp (https://www.rollapp.com/)


This web service is one of the best you will ever come across. You get over 230 apps to work on all spread in different categories. From normal document editing to gaming and developing software, everything. You can sign up for free or can get a 7 day trial of the premium account services.


  • You can try rollMyFile where you can open 500+ file formats on your web browser.
  • You can test any application by logging in via your Facebook, Google or Amazon ID.
  • If you have the premium version account which costs $6.99 per month you can open as well as edit and save files on your cloud storage.
  • You can run multiple apps. In case of free account you can run 3 apps at the same time and copy paste stuff across them.
  • You can pause and resume your work if there is a case of internet connection drops.
  • Provides Application program Interface(API)


  • Under free subscription you can only run a maximum of 3 apps
  • You need a premium subscription for work that needs high resources and to print directly.
  • Doesn’t save data automatically

Appetize (https://appetize.io/)

This is very useful for the ones who want to run or test mobile apps on your browser. You can even find a demo on the website. It provides you with a smartphone interface, Android or iOS both. It is a very useful web service and facilitates updating, embedding as well as streaming the apps.


  • Acts as an emulator in the web browser itself.
  • Apps available for use in seconds for use.
  • You can embed into any HTML with iFrame.
  • Can help in app development on any smartphone platform by testing it on the browser.


  • You have to make a zipped copy also known as simulator built of the app.
  • If you have the trial you only get 100 minutes for using the service. All the rest are paid plans which are not cheap.


Cameyo (http://www.cameyo.com/)


This is a web service which provides most of its features with free registration only. Cameyo has all the windows based software like VLC, Winrar, Notepad++ etc. You can open the portal and find the list. You can find an option to download as well as run in browser beside every app icon. But yes the session time is limited with the free accounts. It let’s you execute and use programs online as well as offline.


  • Allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously.
  • Let’s you run Windows based software on Chromebook, Linux, Android and other platforms on the browser.
  • Works fine with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • A really impressive feature is that you can upload your own software or app and use it on any other device from the browser.


  • If you use it without registering you can an app for only 3 minutes per session. And if registered for free then for only 15 minutes per session.
  • Work using heavy system resources might run slowly.

  Manymo (https://www.manymo.com/)


If one is looking for an Android emulator which works on cloud then this one is the best for you. This one let’s you run Android applications or just test them on any browser. Just like Appetize it provides you with the looks of an Android device. It can even run heavy apps and games on your PC browser easily.


  • Works better than the emulator provided by Google.
  • It is a very lightweight webpage and works fine on any browser.
  • You can even embed these apps on your sites for any visitors and let them try it on their browsers.


  • Its free service plan only offers 10 times use of the emulator per month.


Turbo (https://turbo.net/)


The last one is Turbo which is a cloud app service in which one can run, test, and use Windows apps or software on the browser. But with this one you have to install a browser extension which works without the admin privileges.

It provides you with more than 1000 apps from media players, documents editors to developer tools and all this without any admin permissions or drivers. But a lot of it is for the premium users.


  • It can turn to the offline mode and then re sync when an internet connection is established again.
  • You can easily access local files from its virtualized software
  • It provides a very safe and secure environment and prevents conflicts with other programs.


  • The extension of the browser must be installed for it to work.
  • It offers 100GB storage to free subscribers because 1TB to paid ones
  • With the free account you can run the apps only on Windows platform.

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So in the end we would like to close that every web app that we talked about has its pros and cons. But they can give different utility to different users. Appetize and Manymo are emulators which are for the ones who want to use Android apps on the browser. And all the other ones are for on demand computer software uses which people can use without installing them on their devices.