How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages:

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app for mobile phones. WhatsApp is actually a mobile app which is available for all those well-known smartphone mobile OS like Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Unintentionally we can lose or the delete the messages and files in our smartphones. It’s really easy to Recover/Restore Deleted WhatsApp Chat History on WhatsApp. Let’s  see how to WhatsApp chat history recovery.

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Recovering Recent Whatsapp Messages: 

It’s amazingly easy to recover everything less than 7-day period old: simply uninstall the application, and then reinstall it again. WhatsApp automatically makes a backup of one’s data every day, which files is stored within the SD card of your Android smartphone. If you re-install the application, you might be prompted to recover your message history. Just tap restore whatsapp backup and almost everything less than 7-day period old is restored.


Recovering Old Whatsapp Messages:

Chats History more than seven days old are a little bit more complicated to restore. Here are how to restore whatsapp chat history .

Go to the Database folder within the SD card on your smartphone – the exact location of that backup files is /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases. Inside the Databases folder you’ll see various data files that something named like db.crypt. You’ll observe which they are stored for the labels like “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” in which “YYYY-MM-DD” is the year, month and date accordingly.


Select any one of the specific date file which you want to restore and rename it to msgstore.db.crypt
ex: Rename msgstore-2013-12-05.1.db.crypt file to msgstore.db.crypt.

Re-Install WhatsApp messenger once again, and pick restore when prompted. The backup data file msgstore.db.crypt is restored and recovered, your deleted/lost Whatsapp messages and files are restored again.

  • Manish

    actually i have lost my backup data too due to cleaner
    application. I tried to retrieve it by DiskDigger pro app but it is
    also not helpfull . That app is giving me the deleted Images… can u
    please help me.. there is something very important i am losing in those

    • Parthiban Raja

      If you using the iPhone means use iCloud for backup & restore your mobile, or using android means try android backup & restore option for restore your mobile first, after that once you get WhatsApp database files follow the above instructions to recover or restore your WhatsApp chat history.

  • Manoj Behera

    How can i get last before 3 days chat history.
    Actually i have lost all contact number in my phone memory. 🙁

    • Parthiban Raja

      Hello Manoj,
      You have lost only contact numbers in your phone right, If you have the WhatsApp chat history database files means you can simply extract using android or PC.

  • annawhia

    If you have previously backed up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud, you may be able retrieve your WhatsApp chats by restoring your iPhone from a previous iPhone backup.

    Or you can get more information from FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery here

    • Parthiban Raja

      Hey Annawhia,
      Thanks for your useful comment 🙂 🙂 Keep visiting..

  • Ali

    how can i Recover my Data last 7 months

  • sherya

    how can recover my 6 month data please tell me its very urgent

  • Praveen Khuriwal

    how can recover my 2 month data please tell me its very urgent

  • Fakiha

    i just tried this but lost the existing whatsapp chats as well!!!! 🙁

  • Vishal Jadhav

    I lost my chat data for whats app 6 months how to recover my data plz help me its urjunt

  • Hinaru Uchiha Uzumaki

    How can I recover deleted messages from this year?

  • Ashwin Bhanushali

    How may i have recover deleted messages from last 6 months ?

  • Sudeep

    It was very helpful i was able to recover my chat conversations Thank you…..