How to Restore an iPhone from iCloud Backup

Well , You are here to know about How to restore an iPhone from iCloud Backup . But before addressing the real question, we have to know a little more about iCloud . But scroll it down if you know it and just go through the solution for your actual question alone.

 So the First question is ” What is iCloud ? .”

In a short line if you ask me what is iCloud? My answer for you is , it’s the most preferred as well the latest cloud computing and cloud storing service from Apple Inc which has about 320 million customers .

What does this service offer you?

  • Data storage on remote servers.
  • Download of the stored data to other OS devices.
  • Manage your Apple devices in case of a theft or lost.
  • Sending and Sharing of data to other users.
  • Wireless sharing of data among service users with the help of AirDrop. Through this music , games , images , documents everything can be shared wireless .
  • The highlight service is it helped to say a goodbye to manual iCloud backup restore from computer . No more you have to depend on old back up method . Now you can directly back up and restore from iCloud without WiFi .

Now What “data”?

Nothing particular, because its everything right from the music you love , your official to unofficial documents or records , your great collection of images . Likewise everything you want to store.

Till now you got a fair idea what iPhone restore from backup is all about, now you need to use it and need to keep track of your information on it. Remember your iCloud support makes it basic when you are going to set up another iOS device or need to restore information.

Why iCloud ?

The iCloud back up service is a great asset when we compare the traditional ways of back up we used. The greatest attraction of this service is its easiness and that here data is secured.

Now the real solution for “How to restore iPhone from iCloud Backup“.

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Restore from iCloud Backup

A ) You can restore iPhone from iCloud Backup without any concern and to be honest with utmost ease.

  • The first thing you have to do is to go the Settings on your iOS device.
  • Now in settings go to General .
  • Here you can see the option called Software Update.

Note – If a new version of iOS is available then you have to follow the instruction you see in the screen.

B ) The next main thing you need to confirm is that you actually have a recent backup to be restored.

Here I am providing you the steps to do if you have taken note of the above mentioned things.

If you are having iOS 9 or iOS 8 device then you have to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • In order to start with go to the Settings option on your device.
  • Now from settings choose the option iCloud .
  • Once you are done with selecting iCloud, you have to select the option Manage Storage.
  • The last thing is dependent on your choice , you can see the devices listed under Backups , tap on a device .You can now see the information on size and date of the most recent backup.

 If you are having iOS 7 device then you have to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • First thing you have to do is go to Settings option on your device.
  • Second option to go for is iCloud .
  • The third step to go after selecting iCloud is Storage & Backup .
  • After that you have to select the option Manage Storage.
  • Now from the devices listed in Backups, tap on a device .You can now see the information on size and date of the most recent backup.

If you are planning to set up a new iPhone then also the primary steps involved in the process of restoring remains same for this too.

So you are done with it . And here i tell you a general way step to solve this too.

  • Make sure you turn your iPhone on first .
  • Then to stat with the set up slide from left to right to proceed further .
  • Can you see the option “Setting Language ” . If so select your desired language.
  • Now as usual every set up asks for your region o your country . Choose it correctly.
  • Now you have to choose either a Wifi network or your cellular connection . Once done with choosing a secured connection . Click on “join” after providing the password .
  • In fraction of seconds or minutes the activation process will be carried out on your iPhone.
  • Now choose your preferred location service option .
  • Now you get three options likely – 1 .Set Up As New iPhone  2. Restore from iCloud Backup 3. Restore from iTunes Backup.
  • You may be very well knowing which option you have to choose . Still i would help you out – the second one because we are here to deal with restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Now for creating the last iCloud backup you have to sing in with your Apple ID and password . Not a new one , then it will fail . Use the one you used on your old iPhone .
  • iCloud sign in it? OK, now click the “Next “option you find on your screen.
  • Now proceed by agreeing to terms and conditions of Apple.
  • Now your Apple ID is setting up.
  • The next thing you have to do is to select Backup option . Here you have to choose from the list of recent backups .
  • Next choose iCloud backup .
  • Now you can see “Restore from iCloud is in process” . Within the given estimated time you are done with it.
  • It takes some time then your device will go rebooting then you are requested to sing in with your Apple ID to complete the setup.

So done with iCloud setup.

Hope you all got it. Then , the problem is solved .

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