Haven’t we all faced some or the other problem with our hardware buttons, at some point in our lives? But, most of the times it’s not as huge a bother as it is when one has to Restart Your iPhone or iPad or switch-off. Because we all know that either it’s app-crashing or unnecessary battery drain if there’s one thing that can solve all the issues is restarting the iPhone or iPad device. Be it iOS or Android, a reboot is, hands-down, a savior.

For iPhones that do not have the latest version (iOS 11), it’s sheer pain to go through the process of simultaneously pressing the HOME and POWER button for 10 seconds straight to restart the device. Who would want to do so much effort, and hurt their fingers when there are easier things to do? Well, if you’re an Apple device owner and wondering what we are talking about, this article is just the right place for you!

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How to Restart iPhone/iPad Without Power Button and Home Button

There are multiple ways in which you can restart iPhone without power button and frozen screen and without actually having to use any of the physical buttons. Let’s find out how:

#1 Using Assistive Touch (for iOS 10+ only)

Let’s go through the steps to turn on your assistive first. If it’s already on, on your device then you can skip these few steps.

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone/iPad.

  • Scroll down to ‘General’ and there on, tap on ‘Accessibility’.
  • In the Accessibility menu, tap on Assistive touch which you will see is turned off.
  • The Assistive touch menu that appears will show the toggle button to turn on Assistive touch. Tap on that button and it will turn green which means it has been enabled.

Now, you have enabled Assistive touch on your device, which means you can see its icon on the screen. Tap on it. In the small pop up that appears, tap on ‘Device’ and, then on ‘more’.













A lot of options like multitasking, screenshot, SOS etc., you will be able to see. Amongst those, tap on ‘Restart’. Doing which a pop-up menu will show up, asking you to confirm your choice.

And, that’s that!

#2 Go Bold! (and, vice-versa)

Well, this method has two pluses, 1. It can make text easier to read and, 2. to change the settings, your device will need to restart. Later, to get back to normal text, you can go through the following process again. Pretty convenient and handy, right? Let’s find out how.

  • Get to the settings app, on your iPhone/iPad and, to ‘General’ there on.
  • From the General menu tap on ‘Accessibility’. The very first option in this sheet you will see would be ‘Bold text’, which would be toggled off.
  • Tap on it to enable the feature.
  • A pop up, seeking your confirmation for the action will appear. Tap on continue, and bingo! Your device will restart and the effect will be applied, from now on.

But, this feature works only with iOS versions 8 and above. Just if you’re working with a lower version, the new one could come in handy for you.

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#3 Reset Network Settings

Any of the iOS versions can use this method. So, don’t worry if the above methods didn’t satiate your needs.
Remember when the device faces some networking issues, you have to reset the networking settings? Because then, you can start afresh with all your networks and connections. But, here, for the sole purpose of restarting your iPhone, would you do these steps:

  • It’s the same drill; open your settings app and the hop on to ‘General’.
  • In the general menu, scroll down to ‘Reset’. And, in the reset sheet, select ‘Reset Network settings’.
  • A pop-up demanding your confirmation to reset the network settings and restart the device will appear.

Following the above step, your device will restart. But there’s one negative to this whole process, that you will all your remembered wireless connections, Bluetooth passwords, and other VPN settings. You know everything comes at a cost.

Tada! Now, you know a few iPhone tips and tricks for a desperate situation we hope you don’t have to face. All the methods mentioned above are quite easy and take a lot less time of the user. We, on our part, have tried to reach out to all the iPhone/iPad users, despite the iOS version. All the cheats above mentioned have been thoroughly researched and don’t cause any harm to the device. If you face any problem with the above-stated ways or if you have something else to add, do let us know in the comment section below. Goodbye! Hope we helped.