Fluid grids and layouts, flexible images, server side components… Don’t fret if you don’t know what exactly all these terms mean. Responsive web design just got easier :). Today, given the abundance of Do-It-Yourself web building tools, anyone is capable of designing and publishing full-fledged, responsive websites without having to write a single line of HTML. Over recent years, online website builders have completely revolutionized the way websites are being built. Take a closer look at three platforms that were first to introduce easy Mobile View editing.

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#1 MotoCMS MotoCMS

MotoCMS is a versatile website builder that will help you build a responsive, future-friendly website hassle-free. To preview the mobile version of your website just switch to the Mobile Editor tab in your admin panel. There you can also make manual changes using drag-and-drop tools in the WYSIWYG mode until the mobile-friendly version of your website looks exactly as planned. By the way, Mobile Editor is just a tiny weapon in the impressive MotoCMS arsenal. The system has an assortment of easy-to-integrate widgets, point-and-click SEO block and a rich library of HTML/Flash templates (over 1,500).

Cost: MotoCMS sells templates at $139. Along with the purchase you will get lifetime updates and technical support. There will be no recurring payments in future. You can use MotoCMS free of charge during a 30-day trial.

#2 Squarespacesquarespace_templates

Squarespace gained popularity as a website builder offering the most stunning responsive web design templates in the niche. In addition to the modern air, highly usable layouts and elegant fonts, all their templates are mobile-ready from the start. Each Squarespace website will look perfectly and work seamlessly on any screen. All you need is to create a Desktop version of your website and all your mobile visitors will enjoy unique mobile experience that will match the overall style of your web presence.

Cost: Similarly to MotoCMS, Squarespace doesn’t offer free accounts. There’s a free 14-day trial and 3 paid packages: Standard, Unlimited and Business. Each package has two plans: annual and monthly.

#3 Webydo webydo

Webydo is a professional web design suite suitable for producing responsive websites. Their Design Management System (DMS) is based on a patent-pending code converter that generates a cross-platform code updated to the latest web standards. This means each Webydo-powered website gets a touch-friendly version automatically without you lifting a finger. To edit the mobile view of your website just switch to their Mobile Editor and make the desired changes. You’ll be able to not only change the design, but also add exclusive mobile features (Click-to-call, Address, Email, Online Scheduling etc.).

Cost: You can start with a free version. You can even publish unlimited websites on their subdomain without spending a cent. To be able to map your website to a custom domain you’ll have to purchase either an annual ($7.90/mo) or month-to-month package ($9.90/mo).


Website creation isn’t a backbreaking labor anymore. If you use the right tools, designing and publishing a professional-looking website will be a piece of cake, even for the novice. I encourage you to read several in-depth website builders reviews and comparisons to find the easiest and most appropriate web building software for your unique case.