You need to reset your device if your Smartphone is not working or functioning the way you’re expecting from it. Even in my Smartphone I could face this kind of problems later I got the solution,  And I wish to share this to everyone who are all facing this kind of problems. Regarding steps I have shared below.

You can reset in two ways that either in Soft Reset or Factory Hard Reset.

BlackBerry Passport

Soft Reset:

It the easy way to Reset your Blackberry Passport device if is not working or functioning.

Just press and hold the Power button for more than 10 seconds until your Smartphone device is switched OFF. And Switched ON the device now your Smartphone is ready to use the way you expected.

Factory Hard Reset:

Still you could not find out it and usually you’re facing this kind of problems try to solve it in Factory hard reset. A Factory Hard Reset will erase or delete yore data and settings and it stored in Factory state.


  1. On the computer open the Blackberry link software.
  2. Connect the passport to computer via USB cable.
  3. Click your device in the Blackberry link software.
  4. Depends on the Operating system you can use it:
  • In windows –Select Backup &Restore and select Factory Reset. (OR)
  • Mac OSX-select >>Blackberry Link-Preference>>Reload>>Reload.

And finally your device is ready use.