Resetting an iPone to default factory is very important. In order to reset your iPhone’s settings you don’t need to know about rocket science. It is very easy process and anyone with little knowledge about the iPhone can easily reset the iPhones default factory setting. Whether it’s a partial reset or a whole reset to factory defaults you need to use the General settings to easily access it.

Let us discuss about how you can easily reset an iPhone to default factory setting, here some simple and easy steps are provided to help you in the process of resetting your iPhone’s default factory setting.

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About the Resetting Process:
Step One:

First switch on your iPhone and go to the setting option, click on the setting button, then you will get general setting option after clicking on general setting option, click on the reset.

Here the steps are shown you in clear way.

Go to Settings → General → Reset.


Step Two:

After that you’ll find below listed options.

  1. Reset All Settings
  2. Erase All Content & Settings
  3. Reset Network Settings
  4. Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  5. Reset Home Screen Layout
  6. Reset Location & Privacy
Reset All Settings:

Reset All Settings is the option which is important for you and which you looking for when you want to reset to factory settings of your iPhone without losing any valuable data. This type of reset does not erase data or setting of your iPhone but it completely wipes out all changes in the settings, as example stored passwords for Wi-fi and manually configured network configurations and other types of it.

Erase All Content & Settings:

If you want a complete reset in your iPhone, and erasing all content and settings, then Reset All Settings is the option you’re looking for. By clicking on this button you can easily reset you iPhone completely.

Reset Network Settings:

As per the name of the option, it resets only the network settings of your iPhone. This setting flush cache memory of your iPhone and any leftovers of network data are erased from it. So the network setting of your iPhone resettled for better use. When Wi-fi function of your iPhone is not working properly, it is best to use this reset for better performance of the WiFi.

Reset Keyboard Dictionary:

When you need to reset your keyboard dictionary then the Reset Keyboard Dictionary option is the option for which you are looking. When your iPhone requires it you can easily restore it.

Reset Home Screen Layout:

May be you should let your iPhone device reset the home screen layout so you can get to the app faster this is very important and the Reset Home Screen Layout option helps you in resetting the home screen layout of your iPhone. Also, this resets the dock icons to the default ones so it is better to use in difficult situations.

Reset Location & Privacy:

If you need to change privacy settings earlier on your iPhone device, or if you have tweaked the Location Services values, you can reset them back to the factory setting by using the Reset Location & Privacy option. This function helps you in recalibration of weather, traffic information and of course making sure that privacy changes are also back to factory settings, so in a better and easier way you can reset the setting manually.

According to your need you can chose any of the above option or all options to reset your iPhone’s default factory setting.

iPhone’s are very popular now days and very every one want to have an iPhone with him or her. So it is very important to get a bit knowledge about the iPhone’s to prevent different problematic situations.

Default factory setting is the best option to reset your system, not only iPhone’s also in other mobile devices the default factory setting is available. You can use this function according to your convenience.

As this default factory setting changes the setting of your system and erases your programs and erase data so it is a better practice to use a password for default factory setting.

It is very easy to use default factory setting through setting option. Let’s recall the process again first turn on your iPhone device and click on settings, then click on general setting, then click on reset after that you will get some options as Reset All Settings, Erase All Content & Settings

Reset Network Settings, Reset Keyboard Dictionary, Reset Home Screen Layout, Reset Location & Privacy options chose any one option or all options according to your need or choice.

The above written steps help you in resetting the default factory settings of your iPhone easily. I hope you get some benefits from this piece of writing.