Everything Costs Today !!! But there are still there are things for Free . Getting an offer to own something free on a day is like a lucky day but if you don’t know to do with the offer then it makes disappointed in a way that u lost something . How cruel the feeling is ! Isn’t geeks ??? Because We, the people have to pay for every single thing we use.

Taking from the start of the day till the night the things we use costs us. We are the free creatures and even our Constitution grants us the freedom but in real nothing is free. We the people always love to get something free, something that will cost us nothing. For example; if you are shopping and find that a bottle shampoo is free with another bottle of shampoo then without wasting time we buy it.

But now, if we consider the market for phones or their application we may get several things free. Here is another example i.e. Paytm– an online recharge site. Here in this site what happens is you open an account and make others to open an account, and you will earn free recharges? Isn’t it wonderful? There are various internet sites that give promo codes for app store that let you either earn or get something really for free. What can be the most luckiest part of the day other than getting something of quality absolutely free !!!

Being a new iPhone user, you may be very much engaged in the process of downloading and enjoying many apps. While what the point is some are paid, and some of them are absolutely free of cost. Generally the paid apps have something special, so they are paid. Here you get the real gift in the form of Promo code to get an paid app which is something always on demand and so special .If you have a Promo code offered to you by any app developer you redeem it to buy any paid app or you can use it in any other useful way.

The cruel part you may face and the sole reason for reading my piece of information to redeem your promo code. Here we will guide you How to Redeem App Store Promo code. Follow simple steps and get benefited.


How to Redeem Gift Cards and App Promo Code on your iPhone & iPad:

Now let’s see solution for this .Either it is an iPad or an iPhone, availing a promo code in the App Store for both has a same process. As they both run on iOS platform, they both have the same process so now listen carefully to feel lucky about getting a promo code.

Follow the steps below in both to redeem promo code easily.


STEP #1:  Let’s begin by a click on your iPhone or iPad’s App store application . This will lead you to the app store.
STEP #2: Look on to the left corner of the screen’s bottom. Do you see an option named as” Featured ” which is on just below the terms and conditions.

Tap on featured

What you waiting for if you found that , click on “featured ” . Are you done with it ? then do to next step.

STEP #3: Now come to the bottom did your eyes met with your lucky options ”  i.e. Redeem and Send Gift.

click Redeem

Now i have a short Note for you about your lucky options “Redeem and Send Gift“:

It is that in redeems once you will enter on your promo code you will get the lock opened for accessing your gift .Here next one is send gifts; what it is used for is to send gifts . Guys don’t imagine about sending a bouquet of flowers or chocolates its something more than materialistic with the promo code you give to them you are gifting the most exciting paid app which now your friend can download for free.

STEP #4: Dude where did i left on the last step . Yea the options “Redeem and Send Gift” . In this click on the option redeem to do further .

tap on redeem

STEP #5: Have you been asked to enter your Apple Id password.  If not check on the above steps if you had done any mistake on those . Now if you got asked for entering Apple Id password sign it up with it .It is a mere verification step to check if you are the authorized person .

STEP #6:  Hope you are now Logged In The next thing you have to do is to enter the promo code which you are been asked to enter .

STEP #7: Done with entering a promo code correctly ?  Now what are you waiting for download the exciting paid app for exclusively free .

Let us sum up everything in a nutshell –

Launch App Store -> Tap on Featured -> Scroll down -> tap on Redeem -> Enter Apple ID password -> Enter the Promo Code -> Download the App

Download and enjoy the paid app for free . You may get several Promo code. When on Each time you get a promo code and if you don’t know to use it just go through the steps . Follow these steps, and you can download a paid application for free. The Process is same for iPad and iPhone.

Note: before you go to redeem a promo code make sure that you have an Apple Id. And the second thing is that enter the correct password. In case, someone has sent you a gift; and, you don’t have an apple account, then follow the below steps to create an Apple ID.

Go to settings -> Tap on iTunes & App Stores -> Tap on Create Apple ID -> select your country -> Read the Terms and Conditions -> Fill up the required fields -> Enter your Billing Information -> Verify your Account -> Log into your E-mail and check for an E-mail from Apple -> Click on the link to verify -> Account is Ready.

Getting something free is great. I feel awesome when I get promo codes and gifts for free. There are various websites on the web that offer promo codes to make their costumers feel special. They get advertised and even when you are benefited they earn too.

Anyway, the developers are doing their best to bring something new every day. The Apple team always has some new products for its esteemed costumers to try. Hope, they keep on bringing new ideas and apply new thoughts. Hopefully, wait for the next.

So geeks you can be now lucky enough to Redeem App Store Promo Code on iPhone and iPad.