It’s true that Apple does not allow you to record iPhone or iOS device’s screen by default or through any apps available on iOS App Store, because of privacy and security concerns. It could very easily be possible for apps to get hold of your private information or media files if allowed to record your iPhone or iOS device’s screen. The apps could be malicious and might continue recording even when the recording mode of the app is stopped. Other choices are to record your iPhone or iOS device’s screen through a computer by using apps such as Good Screen Recorder (Lite) or Reflector. However, these apps need a computer and can be costly. You can also record your iPhone or iOS device through the Cydia app, without needing a computer. But jail-breaking your device is necessary to use these apps. Previously an app named iRec was also available for this purpose but it no longer works.

So if you’re not willing to jail-break your iOS device or if you don’t own a computer, there’s one more option available to record iPhone or iOS device’s screen. The app called Shou, developed by Shou.TV. It allows the users to directly record their iOS device’s screen. One issue is that this app isn’t available on App Store, as discussed above that Apple won’t allow any apps that screen record. But you can overcome this problem by side-loading the app. Keeping in mind that this process can work for both iOS 7 as well as iOS 8 devices, follow these simple steps for free and easy downloading of app to record iPhone or iOS device’s screen.

1-     Install Emu4iOS Store On The Device:

Emu4iOS lets you download and install apps that aren’t available on the official App Store. This saves you the trouble of jail-breaking your device.

  • Visit from your iOS device’s browser.
  • Simply download and install Emu4iOS.
  • Open Emu4iOS application once it has installed.
  • Tap on “Trust”.

2-     Install Shou From Emu4iOS Store

The main purpose of Shou application is to record iPhone or iOS device’s screen. This is how you can install it.

  • Search for application named “Shou” on the Emu4iOS store.
  • Tap on it and select Install.
  • If a popup appears asking for confirmation, select “Install” to download the application.
  • Run the application once the download and installation is complete.


3- Screen Record, Play & Save Your Videos:

  • You’ll need to register on the app Shou. You may use your email account, Facebook credentials or Google+.
  • Once you have registered, using the app is very straightforward and easy.
  • To record your iOS device’s screen, tap the “Start Recording” tab.
  • The red Shou symbol means that the app is now recording your screen.
  • If you want to record games and videos, make sure to enable Assistive Touch through Settings > General > Accessibility and ensuring that Assistive Touch is activated.
  • You can stop recording your screen by tapping on the red Shou or by going back to the app itself and tapping on “Stop Recording”
  • To view your newly recorded videos, play them with another app or to save or delete them from your Camera Roll, slide to the Recording tab on the side.

You can also open the recordings directly on other applications using the “Open In” option. You can also share it via Email or AirDrop. You must save the video to view it in the Camera Roll. The app works smoothly and might lag only when recording HD videos on Youtube.

If you prefer not to trust any app outside of the official iOS App Store, then your best bet is to use your Macbook to record iPhone or iOS device’s screen. You need to have an iOS device with iOS 8 or a newer version, A Mac running the OS X Yosemite and a Lightning-to-USB cable. You can upgrade your Mac to X Yosemite through Mac App Store. It’s a free upgrade available to all users. The cable comes with all the latest iOS devices and is used commonly as the charging cable. Once you have all the hardware available, follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, connect your iOS device to your Mac using the cable.
  • Unlock the iOS device.
  • Open the iTunes software on Mac.
  • Tap on it if a “Trust This Computer” popup appears.
  • Run QuickTime Player on the Mac.
  • Click on the File menu and start new recording.
  • A window with your Mac’s webcam appears.
  • Select your desired device instead. Select the microphone and the quality of video.
  • Start recording by tapping on the Record button.
  • You can save the video through the File menu and even play it back through QuickTime player. You can also directly share it through the player on apps such as Youtube and Vimeo.