With the technology era taking over all the human endeavors along, it has made everything easy and simple.Technology has a solution for everything that was being complained for years together.It did not stop here, all the traditional and conventional communication methods was replaced by technology.Till date , people are being offered with latest methods and technological help in every field they take into consideration.The lifestyle of people has become comfortable and less complex after the intervention of technology into our lives.

One among such technological intervention has actually shortened the distance between two people / groups who live borders / sea/ countries across.They can meet virtually , chat , discuss and share everything through a digital medium in the name of video calls . There are lots of app and software that favors video calling to any part of the world.It enables you to connect with your near and dear ones without minding about the amount of distance between two peoples.

One such feature that is being widely used by iPhone users is “FACETIME CALL”. All that you would be needing is an iOS device and an internet connection.It is one of the simplest way to be in touch with your loved once.

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Few people would want to Record FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac (Without Using Any Third-Party Apps),  the happy moments they spend through facetime to cherish it. Few other want to record the call for some other reasons.But they may be finding the best way to record a “facetime call in iPhone or Mac without Third party software”.

Yes there is a simple way without involving any third party software to record a call. There are actually two ways :

1.Record Facetime Call on Mac.

2.Record Facetime Call on iPhone using Mac.


  • Launch Quick Time player from your Mac.
  • In the Menu bar you can find the option “file”.

  • Click on the “New Screen Recording” option that you will find under file menu.
  • You will now be able to see an “arrow” right next to the record button in your quick time window.

  • This will have a list of options among which you need to select the “Internal Microphone” to proceed further.
  • In your Quick Time , select the “record” button.


  • Now you need to decide if you need to record the entire screen or just your FaceTime screen . If its just the FaceTime call , click and drag over the “FaceTime window”.
  • You can now start your call and press the “record” button.


  • Once your call gets over , click on the “Stop recording” option in the menu bar.You may need to save your call for future recalling.
  • Under menu bar , click file.

  • Click “save” under “file menu”.


  • Now you need to save your recording in the location you wish to , and with a specific name in your system.
  • Click on save.

Apart from saving your FaceTime call on your Mac device , you can also record it in your iPhone device using your Mac.There is no way you can record it directly using your iPhone without the help of your Mac unless you have a third party software.


  • As the first step , you will be needing a Lightning cable or 30 pin connector. Pair your iphone to your Mac using any one of those.

  • Launch QuickTime on your Mac.
  • Under the “File” menu , select “New Movie Recording” from the drop down list.

  • Click the “arrow” next to the “record” button in your quick time window.
  • From the list of cameras that are available , choose yours.
  • Make sure your iPhone is unlocked so that your iPhone device will be visible in the QuickTime on your Mac.

  • At this point , you need to keep your “Volume bar” high so that your call would be loud enough to be recorded with the right quality.

  • In your iPhone , launch “FaceTime”.
  • In your Mac , click the record button.
  • Place your FaceTime call on your iPhone.
  • Once your call ends , click on the “stop recording” option.

  • Save your call in your device by giving a name and a desired location.
  • Click save.


Apple does offer you a lots of features and specifications that may be hidden or certain things will remain untouched.Never miss those features that apple offers you as the amount of money you spend for that device is always worth it.Before relying on another third party software for any of your iOS device , do check out online solutions and platforms which may have walk through for all your needs.

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Follow the above mentioned steps to record facetime video on iPhone and Mac, your favorite time you spend with your loved ones who live far away from you and can connect only through virtual world.