Record Android Device’s Screen

Being an open source platform, Android OS has been used for the development of millions of different apps. The diversity of these developed apps and their functionality is admirable. You can record Android device’s screen on an Apple TV or enable task automation through different apps. The possibilities are endless and the Android OS is constantly going through changes and developing. Android has strengthened its position time and time again, as the leading mobile operating system in the world. It is the most widely used operating system, supported by smart mobile phones manufactured by different leading companies such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorolla, L.G. and many other international brands. Recently, with the launch of its latest version named KitKat, the Android OS took another leap forward. One of the most prominent features on the latest update of the operating system is that it now supports Screen Recording. Yes, you can now record Android device’s screen without any hassle. It’s a feature that puts another tick in the Android’s win column, as the only OS worthy of being called its rival i.e. Apple’s iOS still doesn’t support Screen Recording directly through the iOS devices. So now there’s no need to connect your cellphone to your desktop computer or your laptop if you want to record a walkthrough or tutorial video on your smartphone.

Here’s a list of some of the best apps available that you can pick from to record Android device’s screen. Keep in mind that using these apps is possible only on a rooted device. Rooting lets users gain control over Android’s various subsystems. If you’re not aware of what Rooting process is and how and why it’s done, maybe researching it before you read this any further is the best idea.

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Record Android Device’s Screen Through Apps:

Following apps can help you record Android Device’s Screen:


Rec. has a very elegant interface and is one of the most popular apps used to record Android device’s screen. Downloading and installing the app is routine stuff, nothing complicated there. After you run the app, all you have to do is adjust the duration and bit rate of the video. Tap on t he Record tab to begin recording your Android device’s screen. Rec. does a countdown to 10 seconds before it begins recording once you tap “Record”. You can enable or disable audio recording as per your preference. Tap on “Stop” in app’s interface to stop recording. You can also stop recording by using notification bar or by turning the device screen off. Free version of the app lets you record 5 minutes only. You can always buy the full version of the app to record Android device’s screen for longer period of time, if you feel like it’s the right one for you.

 Screen Recorder For KitKat:

Screen Recorder for KitKat is an easy-to-use and a simple recording app that can help you record Android device’s screen. It is available for free and can be downloaded through Google Play Store. It has features such as:

  • Setting your preferred screen resolution.
  • Adjusting the bitrate.
  • Setting the countdown.
  • Rotating your video.

The free version of the app allows you to record Android device’s screen to 3 minutes. Starting to record the video is very simple just like the previous app. Your notification bar will show the recording status while you record the video. Notification at the end of recording is also available. Recordings are stored on the SD storage inside a directory named “ScreenRecorder’.

SCR Screen Recorder Free:

SCR Screen Recorder app is another free app which lets users record Android device’s screen for 3 minutes maximum. It also adds a watermark on the video, but its outstanding feature is that it doesn’t have an interface. Instead it just has a small overlay widget that contains three buttons. One is for recording, another to access settings and an exit button. Once recording begins, an overlay indicates that app is recording the screen. Recording can be stopped by turning off the device’s screen or by opening the app again. Settings button of the app has many features such as:

  • Video Encoder.
  • Video Resolution.
  • Image Transformation by the use of GPU or CPU.
  • Bitrate Settings.
  • Frame Rate.

Screen Record (for KitKat+):

Screen Record is the simplest of all screen recording apps. In order to record android device’s screen through screen record, all you have to specify is the video duration and the name of that particular recording. It has no other features to offer which makes it a good choice for amateurs. Free version of the app lets you record Android device’s screen for 2 minutes maximum. Screen Record keeps recording until the pre-specified duration is over.

record android device’s screen

Record Android Device’s Screen


If your device is not rooted and you want to record android device’s screen, Recordable is an app supported by versions of Android higher than 2.3 Gingerbread. The only drawback is that it does not record system audio, but only mic recordings. Video quality, however, is satisfactory.