So remember the time when you used to have that age old ticking clock – err watch… the one with the leather strap, which is now frayed and old and lies lost and forgotten somewhere. And you ask why it is in such a dismal and despicable state? Well friends (and other not-so-close readers), it is because of the arrival of the newest shiny toy in town! The one, the only, magnificent Apple Watch!

This watch is beyond anything that the old white (or black), round or square dial, with the hour, minute and seconds hands will ever be – it is a legacy among watches! It is the one and only – APPLE WATCH! And now, it can be proudly displayed upon your wrist, wherever you go!

What is the Apple Watch?

According to Apple itself, the Apple Watch is the “most personal product” they have ever made!


Here is the simple answer:

To make the best use of its size and area on your wrist, the Apple Watch has every single new communication and advances. They let you do well known things all the more rapidly and helpfully. And also a few things that essentially weren’t conceivable some time recently. So utilizing it is an entire new affair. One that is more individual than any time in recent memory.

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1. It is innovative technology!

Apple Watch is not at all like any gadget Apple has ever constructed. In any case, they needed interfacing with it to be pretty much as simple and natural as utilizing your iPhone or chipping away at a Mac. So they concocted every better approach to choose, explore and info that are preferably suited to a littler gadget worn on the wrist. The outcome is an affair that is both extraordinary to Apple Watch and quintessentially Apple.

2 . The Royal Crown!

Each new item we’ve introduced has been described by a novel info gadget. With Apple Watch, it is the Digital Crown. On mechanical watches, the crown has truly been used to set the time and date and to wind the fountainhead. We rethought it as an adaptable instrument that answers the focal test of how to increase content on a little show. Crushing to zoom, as you do on iPhone, is unrealistic. Yet, turning the Digital Crown permits you to explore agilely and accurately, without discouraging your view point. You can zoom every single photograph, quickly look through records, data, or press it like a catch to come back to the Home screen. The Digital Crown is an essential piece of the Apple Watch experience.

3 . Fresh look to old tech!

From the minute you wake the presentation with a straight forward raise of the wrist, you’ll be open to utilizing Apple Watch. The Watch OS feels amazingly new. Yet, its outwardly reminiscent of what you’re accustomed to seeing, and is composed around basic signals, such as, zooming and panning, that now fall into place without any issues. Route is liquid and responsive. Furthermore, the course of action of applications is basic and systematic. We even built up another typeface to expand clarity. All of which means you’ll feel comfortable around Apple Watch in for all intents and purposes no time.

 4. Great Display!

A Retina showcase is the essential surface for each communication with Apple Watch. The amazingly high pixel thickness makes numbers and content simple to see initially, even while you’re moving. Pictures and representation are visible with surprising sharpness and differentiation, including finely nitty gritty ones like the turn of a hair-thin second hand on a watch face. What’s more, the showcase is to great degree vitality effective, discriminating for a gadget you wear for the duration of the day. On most Apple Watch models, the showcase is covered to a machined and cleaned single precious stone of sapphire. Unlike stone, it’s the hardest straightforward material. On watches in the Sport gathering, assurance is given by fortified Ion-X glass.

So it’s now safe to say that the Apple Watch is a great purchase indeed! But the pivotal question of this article still remains – in out busy lives where we work on and are connected through out email every day, can the Apple Watch be of any use?

And the answer is a resounding yes!

Can you can Read Emails on an Apple Watch itself?

Scroll on ahead!

Step 1.               

Tap the Digital Crown to go to the home screen.

Step 2.    

Tap on the Mail application symbol.

Mail application symbol           
Step 3.               

Tap on an email message to open it.

 Step 4.    
open email message to see choices  

Click on an open email message to see choices.

 Step 5.          
      flag- unread- trash

Tap on Flag, Unread, or Trash to rapidly delete the message.

Now, that you’ve been thus educated by the article, check your email on the go right on your Apple Watch on your wrist!