The generation of getting traced while you browse the net is over now. Have you ever noticed the option named ‘incognito mode’ in a Google Chrome browser? Have you ever wondered upon the importance of using that mode? The word ‘incognito’ means to hide one’s original identity and which is what the ‘incognito mode’ exactly does. The incognito mode enables an Internet user to browse privately over the Internet without getting traced. Hence, incognito mode represents a Private Browsing mode.

But the question remains is why does one need a private browsing mode. A private Browsing is mostly preferred when people use social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter on someone else’s computer to avoid profile hacks by not allowing passwords or entries from being saved. Hence, one should remember using private mode if he/she has borrowed his/her friend’s phone to log into his/her accounts. Also, sometimes people decide to surprise someone special borrowing ideas from the Internet. For such a situation, they can use the private browsing mode so that no one gets to know about it and hence there would be no party spoilers.
You can log into multiple accounts using a private browser. It also makes sure that it blocks personal information from getting auto-filled .

But one important fact is that if you use this feature, it only maintains your privacy and not protection exactly as they do not block viruses or any kind of phishing attempts.

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It is easy to browse privately on an Android Phone and I will teach you how to enable the incognito mode and make use of specially designed browsers for Android such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Dolphin HD Browser.

GOOGLE CHROME has made private browsing very easy and simple and it has taken the initiative to carry over this trend on Android Phones also. In order to use the incognito mode on Google Chrome, you need to click on the triple dotted sign on the top right hand corner of the browser. A drop-down list appears. Choose ‘New Incognito Tab’ from that list. Once you open an incognito tab, you are free to browse anything without leaving any traces of it.

Menu        Private Browsing


To turn on the private mode in Firefox, one has to click on the menu button symbol. The menu button is located on the top right corner of the browser like in Google Chrome. Then choose ‘New private Tab’ from the drop-down menu.


If one wants to return back to a normal browsing mode without closing the private browsing tabs, one has to click on the icon on tab present in the upper-left corner of the private browser. This opens up a pane displaying the list of the already opened private browsers and three icons at the top of the pane. Click on the leftmost icon of the three icons to return back to a normal browsing tab.

Private Browsing

If you want to create more private tabs, click on the ‘+’ sign present on the bottom of the pane.

And if you happen to close all the private browsing tabs, you will be automatically directed to the previously accessed normal browsing tab.


Dolphin HD Browser is one of the best alternative browser for an Android device. However, there are no specific features like the incognito mode in Google chrome to turn on the private mode in this browser.
Once you are done installing the browser, go to menu More settings Private & Security Settings.

Then de-select the selected options under the private and security settings category. Once done with de-selecting, you are in a private mode.

The only drawback with the private mode of this browser is that every time you want to use the private mode, you need to go to the privacy settings and de-select every selected option.
But, one actually forgets to use the private browsing tabs to browse the Internet and so I have come up with an important tip that will make your internet surfing from an Android phone very safe and private

Start using Private Browsing mode by default How do we do that?

A semi-hidden option is present in an Android Browser which allow you to use the incognito mode by default. So here are the steps to make private browsing mode as default
1. You need to open stock Android browser.
2. Go to Menu button and select ‘New incognito tab’.
3. Go to the menu button again and select ‘Settings’.
4. Then set the ‘Current page’ as homepage or else type ‘browser:incognito’, manually.

Hence, Android browser will open an incognito tab as a default browsing page. However there are major drawbacks in making an incognito tab as default. It works only in stock Android browsers and not in other browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. Also, if you open a third party link, it will open as a standard tab and not in a private mode. Thus, there are multiple options for private browsing for Android users. You can use any of the above mentioned techniques used for private browsing without any hesitation.