Print any document from Android device

In the emerging market and change in technology. Android operating system has played very important role in change of mobile technology.

Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google for touch-screen smart devices like mobile and tablets. Since the Android has launched, it have been developed and changed the usage of the mobile phones.

Nowadays, Android devices are directly used for printing documents. It is simple and easier to print from android devices. But there are limitations that are taken into consideration, you can’t print everything directly: like Facebook post, you have to print from the places that make sense like Gmail, Google Docs, WPS, etc. there are many places available in Playstore.

There are some ways through which you can directly print from android devices.

[Method: A]

How to Print from Android Phone via USB, Bluetooth, or Networked printer 0r WiFi

If you have a old networked printer that is shared on a windows network. You may have a printer which you have to physically connect to android device via USB or OTG cable. You may also have a printer which can be connected over Bluetooth. All this kind of printer is unsupported by Android. Android doesn’t include any packages or drivers for this kind of inbuilt system. Google recommends setting up on connection on PC to such printers.

And if you want to print directly, you will have to use third party apps. There are not many apps available but ‘PrinterShare’ is well known app that can print through this type of printers.

If you want to use advance feature you have to pay. But printing simple documents is free, if your printer configuration is supported.

  1. By installing application it installs virtual printing in your phone that you have to use via phone Settings->Printing->PrinterShare. Select and enable it by flipping the on-off switch.
  2. Now, you have to connect your printer to your phone via USB OTG cable.
  3. Then open the PrinterShare app, tap ‘Select’ button and then choose ‘Nearby-USB’ option. Your phone should detect the printer if it is supported.


  1. Once your printer is detected, you will be asked to download drivers. After this your android is ready to print documents. Select documents you have to print, it will open Print Preview, select as per your convince and print the document.

[Method: B]

How to Print any File from Android Directly By Google Cloud Print

This is another and easiest method for printing the documents from android devices, as Google itself develops Android, so this option is built into most of the android devices. If your device is old and doesn’t have built in then you have to download Google Cloud Print app.

Before printing the documents you have to add printing devices to Cloud Print.

  1. First step is to make sure that printer is connected to your PC over the same network. Then open Google chrome browser (if you don’t have then download it) and hit the hamburger button on the top right and enter the “settings”.
  2. “Open advanced settings”, then click “Manage” under Google Cloud Print sub-header.
  3. After you click on “Manage” you will see the printer devices which are connected to the Google Cloud Print along with the options to add new printers. Click “Add Printers”.
  4. These printers are connected to the same WI-FI network as you available to be registered will be listed. Select the printer you want to connect to and “Add printer.
  5. The printer added to Cloud Print should have the same Google account on the android device through which documents are going to be printed. If they have same Google account then and then only both are synced. Once it has been done successful, the printer will be automatically added to your Google account and it will be visible on your Android devices.
  6. Now you can print the documents from your Android device, Open any documents or images you want to print. Hit the three dot button on the top right and select “print”
  7. The Cloud Print will load this document or (if you selected image) in its app. Use drop down menu from the top and choose printer from which you want to print. Click on “printer” icon, your document or (if you have selected image) will be printed on selected printer device.

[Method: C]

How to Print from Android Phone to Wireless HP or Cannon Printer

By Official Printer Application

In the Playstore there are Official company’s printer applications available for printing from Android devices directly using Wi-Fi. This is very easier method for printing documents.

  1. You will need to download your printers company’s app from playstore.

Here are some apps listed:

  • HP: HP eprint
  • Epson: Epson iprint
  • Cannon: Cannon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy
  • Samsung: Samsung Mobile Print Manager

  1. After installing the app, you have to check if the Android device and Printer are connected with the same Wi-Fi network. In HP ePrint app, it allows us to print images , documents, webpage and emails. It allows us to change copies, page type, range, etc. if one or more printers are connected with same network it allows us to select within them.