The craziness and popularity of Pokémon never gets old. From the early 90’s, it all started in the form of a video game series only. And then it entered into the anime tv show series which was launched in the late 90’s. The developers love these kind of role-playing games and often try to create apps to show and share data from these games.

So the main aim of PokéApi is simply to give everyone with the Pokémon game information. You can visit the official PokéApi website here It is a free RESTful API which is full of information and data and is one of the largest databases. It is free and provides one with Pokémon info and is absolutely free to use and download. The REST can be defined as a set of functions that can help the developers or coders to get responses or do requests. It was created by Paul Hallett as a small project for fun but it turned out to be something big. It now has more than a thousand stars on GitHub.

Largest Pokemon database

There are many developers out there who have created API wrappers. API wrapper is like a third-party API that makes it easier for other developers to build apps using it. The wrappers for PokéApi might not be there in all the computer languages. But here are some famous ones that are available for free. These will help you run PokéApi on PHP, Node and Swift.

This one is a PHP wrapper for Pokémon API. You can get it from the link above from GitHub and install the package from composer.

The link provided above will help you get a copy of Pokedex Promise v2 which will help you use PokéApi in node.js. You can install it with npm or Yarn.

Pokémon Kit is a wrapper for PokéApi in Swift, which is a programming language developed by Apply for its OS. So these were some of the wrappers for PokéApi which you can get on GitHub free.

We don’t think that there exist any perfectly working wrappers in Java, for Android and Python yet. There are some that you can find on GitHub if you search for it but many users have reported some issues. But let’s hope that some developers will give us with a fully functional library in the future.

It is running on v2 which was updated to so in December 2014. If you open up the official website of PokéApi you will get an example of how it works. The information about Pokémon 1 or Bulbasaur is available as an example. You can search in the search bar for other Pokémon or types and abilities and you will get the codes. So you will be able to find all information in this database about the main Pokémon game series.

You can get PokéApi and use it for free but it costs a lot to the developers to offer everyone with it. So you can give $10 to them if you are using it for any professional use or developing an app.

On the main page you will get an option to check out the documentations for PokéApi. On that page you can look at the v2 and v1 documentations and take a look at basic information, policies and wrappers available. If you scroll down a bit you can even find some coding examples and some data which will help. You can get codes on berries, meet, evolution of Pokémon, games, pokedexes etc. You can view the documentation page directly here

So any developer can use this API for creating different types of apps or web apps. Having everything, from the beginning to the latest of Pokémon till date.

Currently PokéApi has received over 197,779,600 API calls and gets more than 100,000 calls on a day on an average. It is a free open source API but has a limitation too. The amount of request are limited to around 300 per day from one IP address.

But this does not mean that you can use only 300 resources per day on the website. It means that you can use one resource only 300 times. So if you ask for info about Bulbasaur, you can do so only 300 times in a day. So you might never even come close to it, but still there exists a limit because it’s free.

PokéApi is free to use and an excellent source of information about Pokémon and applications built on it. You can take a look at its GitHub page here If you have any particular issues that you need help on you can report them there only. There might be more than a hundred websites out there of the same data but this one is the largest and the best.