Apple iTunes you can reset plays counter column it will keep separate track column for music file. Even at beginning I never know to Reset the Play Count on iTunes, later I heard and I wish to share with everyone.  Let us see here how it should exist.

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Step 1:

If would you like to reset select music track in your playlist or songs list. even you can reset multiple track and click reset for more than one track .

Step 2:

Even you can reset multiple tracks and click reset for more than one track. And you like to select all tracks for resetting that can done in Apple iTunes. Select all tracks and click Edit>Select All or hold Control and Press A key.

Step 3:

Just right-click it the menu will appear for the selected songs. While pressing selected songs  single mouse button user will hold the Controls and automatically menu  will be appeared on the screen.

Step 4:

Click “Reset Plays” and dialogue box will display in that select Reset. Finally the play count in iTunes is reset.