How to Organize Saved Instagram Posts into Private Collections

Instagram has been very famous among the other giant social apps that are taking over the platform. It is an application where you can share pictures and videos publicly or just with your friends. Recently Instagram added a new feature in which you can save posts by bookmarking them in a place in your account to watch later.

It is just like you bookmark websites on your browsers or keep certain screenshots in a folder for later use. You can easily bookmark the respective posts by tapping on the book mark icon underneath the post. Whether one wants to try out a restaurant that a friend posted about later, or pictures and videos of interest everything could be saved. But when, in 2016, Instagram first launched this feature into the updates it stuffed all the saved posts under one head. This, in turn, made it very confusing for the users to find the ones needed.

So to make it better, in version update 10.16, Instagram gave an option in the bookmarks section to from collections. There you can form different folders for the posts that you want to save and name each folder. So this will help others to keep the respective posts with them instead of taking screenshots or visiting profiles.

How to Organize Saved Instagram Posts into Private Collections

Here we will first tell you about how you can save posts and form new collections in your profile. And secondly we will tell you how to manage those collections after they are formed.

There is only one disadvantage with this method of saving posts and forming collections. That is the posts might get removed from collections without you knowing. This may happen if the person or page, who uploaded the post in the first place, deletes it.

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Saving posts and creating collections on Instagram

So first update your Instagram app to the latest version or any version above 10.16 would work.

Creating new collection in Instagram

  • Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner when you open up Instagram in your device.
  • On your profile page you can find the Bookmark tab given under your name and info. Tap on it.
  • So here, you will be taken to the saved posts tab. There you can find all the posts you have ever saved from this ID. Go to the “Collections” tab and create one or tap on the plus sign given in the top right corner.
  • Now you would have to fill in the name of the collection that you are creating. Type in the name and tap on the “Next” option in the corner.
  • The last step is to choose the posts from your saved posts that you want to add in this collection. Choose the posts and tap on the Tick sign and you’re done.

You can also create a new collection without going in your profile. If you have a post opened in your device and you want to create a collection containing it, this method can be used.

  • Find the post with which you want to create a new collection.
  • Tap and hold on the bookmark icon underneath that post until the “create new collection” tab appears in the bottom.
  • Therein just add the name of the collection and press “Done”. The collection would be made and you can open it from your profile in the saved posts section. If you already have one collection created then you will get the “Save to” tab. There you can press the plus sign to create the new collection for that post.

How to Organize Saved Instagram Posts into Private Collections

Managing and editing collections of saved posts

Here we will tell you how you can add posts to an existing collection very easily.

  • One of the situations can be when you have some posts bookmarked already, and now you want to add them in a collection. You can do so by, first opening the collection that you want to add them in. Then tap on the Menu option in the corner and choose “Add to Collection” option. From there you can simply choose the ones you want to add.
  • The other one can be when you are browsing through Instagram and find something that you want to add directly to a collection. Simply press and hold the bookmark icon on the bottom of the post. There you can find all the existing collections and an option to create a new one with that post.

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This was all about adding posts into your existing collections and creating a new one. You can even rename an existing collection. Go to the collection, tap the Menu option in the top corner and choose the edit option. There you can rename your collection. You can even delete the collection from there. Deleting collections won’t un-mark or un-save the bookmarked posts that were in it. You can still find them under the “All” tab.