Probably you own a nest thermostat and want to know that how to get the most out of it so that you can cut your electricity bill by a large amount. In such a case, you are landed at the correct website. Here in this article, you get to know lots of Nest Thermostat Tips and Tricks that will not put you in the conundrum state anymore.

Ways to use your Nest Thermostat efficiently

1.   Use Voice Commands with Google Now

You can now control your nest thermostat by google now. This is a very helpful feature, suppose you are not at your home and you forgot to turn the temperature down while you are leaving your home. Then you can easily use your phone to do your work.

To use this feature:

  • First visit on Works with Nest.
  • Under Control temperature and thermostat settings , click yes,I’m in.
  • You have to give permission to google, to control your nest thermostat.

 Control Nest Thermostat with Voice

  • Once you have successfully done with all the above steps, you will see a check mark that make sure that you can now easily control your Nest with your voice.

  • Now on chrome, tap the microphone and say “OK Google set temperature to 65” or any other temperature of your own choice. You will see, something like in below screenshot.set temperature in chrome


  • Then click on green check mark, to start the change. You will see a confirmation image that the change takes place successfully.


2.   Auto-away feature of Nest Thermostat with Ooma

Ooma which is an internet phone service, cleverly integrated its services with the Nest. Auto-away feature of Nest thermostat can learn your at home patterns, so that when you are out of your home, it will automatically adjust the home temperature.

It provides you following feature:

  • Ooma will automatically call you when you are not at your home.
  • It will call you, if you didn’t arrive at home at the expected time.
  • It will call you, is your Nest smoke alarm triggers or its battery wll be low.

To enable this feature:

  • Click on Preferences in your Ooma account.Auto-away feature of Nest Thermostat with Ooma
  • In the left side, you have a Nest Alerts

  • Then click on Link Nest account button to link it with your Ooma account.
  • Then click on Follow me enabled and choose your away status.
  • If you have a Nest Project, then you can enable the smoke and CO alarm features also on this page.
  • Now, configure “Check in monitoring” feature. Ooma will alert you, when no one is at home when they are expecting to be there.


3.   Set Your Schedule (How to use nest schedule)

You can use either your window phone or a window computer to control your Nest with the help of Nest Manager app.

Set Schedule of Nest Thermostat with Nest Manager

  • In the home section, you can see your Nest device in the center pane and all the settings to the right side.Home Page of app


  • From here, you can set your temperature schedule and can view your energy history also.

4.   Lock your Nest device with PIN Code

If you want to prevent any kind of tempering with your Nest thermostat, then you can set up a PIN code to lock it.

To do this:

  • First, start pushing on the unit to get the home screen and then select “Settings” .Lock Nest Thermostat
  • Then scroll to the right and select “Lock” option.Scroll to get Lock
  • Now enter a four-digit PIN code by spinning the wheel and push on the unit to go to the next digit.Enter Pin Code
  • Enter the PIN again.
  • Now adjust the minimum temperature, that other people can change without needing a PIN.Adjust Minimum Temperature
  • Similarly, set a maximum temperature.Adjust Maximum Temperature
  • Now, select “Done”.


  • Congrats, you successfully locked your device. Now a padlock icon is visible on the screen that shows that your device is locked.

5.   Control your Smart Lights

You can connect your smart light to your Nest thermostat. In this way, you can control two products simultaneously i.e. you can turn light off when you are not at home and turn back on when you are back at home and all this happens automatically.

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To use this feature, IFTTT services play an important role.

  • First, go on IFTTT’s official website and then click on your “Profile Picture” which is at the top-right corner.Control your Smart Light with Nest Thermostat
  • Now, click on the New Applet.New Applet
  • Then click on the word “this” which is highlighted in blue color.
  • Then search for the Nest thermostat and click on it.
  • After that, choose Nest set to away trigger and click on it.
  • Now choose which Nest Thermostat you want to monitor and click on create trigger.Create Trigger
  • Thereafter click on the word “That” which is highlighted in blue color.
  • Now, suppose your smart lights are of Phillips Hue. So, search for Phillips hue and click on it.
  • Now choose which action you want to perform, like Turn off lights.
  • Now, choose which particular light you want to turn off. You can choose all lights option also.
  • Now the last step is, give your applet a name and click on finish button.


So, with this we have completed our list. There are many other cool things to do with nest thermostat too that your Nest Thermostat can do for you. If you like our content, then don’t forget to comment.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!!