Most Popular Instagram Filters: Tips to Adjust it’s Strength or Intensity

How to Edit Instagram Photos like a Pro

Every now and then people upload pictures on Instagram. Your feed is usually flooded with the picture perfect snaps of your friends. Have you ever wondered how to get that Most Popular Instagram Filters for your picture? You must have had found a very appropriate filter but you wished it was slightly less intense. So now you have found that perfect filter. There is only one thing left and that is finding a perfect filter for your picture. In this post, we teach you how to find a best Instagram filters for your picture and, how to fine tune it.

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Most Popular Nature Filters for Instagram

The mother nature

So you are on a hiking trip with your friends. The view from the camp is breath taking. To top it all, you can see the bright Sun tearing apart the Thick dark cloud clouds. You wish if you could capture the sole of the landscape in the picture. There are some filters that can pump up life in the frame.



  1. Valencia You could say it is an all purpose filter. It looks good on pretty much every kind of photo unless it has some bright and contrasting colors. This filter adds a light Yellow tint to it. Landscapes and nature are what this seems to fit the best.
    Also, Valencia performed well and got the most number of likes per picture.
  2. Normal As the results are clear The normal, which means with out any editing, got the 2nd most number of likes per photo. #nature.
  3. Brooklyn It was found that Brooklyn got the 3rdmost number of likes on Instagram when uploaded with #nature. It would give your image a warmer and tinted tone.

Most Popular Fashion Filters for Instagram

Be The Fashionista

  • Have you always wanted to look like those fashion models in your pictures? Somehow even with your perfect dresses, your snap didn’t seem to be too appealing. Fashion pics are best complimented with bright and Retro tone. Make that denim stand out, or give that reflector a cinematic look. Use these Instagram filters to make the best out of your camera.

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin works very well with the images having a lot of artificial light or natural light
    . For your fashion pics, if you have a lot of artificial lighting or if you are out in the bright sky, This filter can just be your perfect partner.
  • Valencia
    Valencia being an all round filter for Instagram,
    is also very well suited to fashion pics. Scored the second rank for the number of likes on fashion photos.
  • Nashville
    Nashville adds that bold bright tint to your images while increasing the overall brightness of the image.This is the filter to use when you want some old school look in your picture. Classic Denim jacket, those black jeans, that white T-shirt would and a bright sky make a perfect partner to this filter.

Most Popular Food Filters for Instagram

Bon Appetit!

Well, a juicy patty, overloaded dripping Cheddar and that fresh salad all captured in a moment. Top em up with a mouth watering filter. A research conducted by Canva gives us the list of top ranking best filter for food Instagram.

  1. Skyline
    You could say that it auto corrects your images. It brightens the individual colors. It makes some colors pop out and make your pictures a treat for the eyes.
  2. Normal(No filter)
    Well, Even pictures with no filter do well. People sometimes like the raw look and feel of the food. Food lovers will appreciate it no matter what and would prefer it unfiltered.
  3.  Nashville
    This filter usually adds a vintage feel to the picture. But surprisingly as the stats suggest, works surprisingly well for food clicks.

Most Popular Selfie Filters for Instagram

But first, let me take a Selfie!

  1. Normal: Well, your selfies might not need too much of editing. They are still good without any filters. At least that’s what data suggests. Selfies uploaded with no editing got the most number of likes.
  2. Slumber: Slumber sorta desaturated the colors in the image and adds a yellow tone to it.
    It gives dreamy look to the image. Use this filter to add a vintage or cinematic look to it.
  3. Skyline: Skyline is a best Instagram filter for selfies. It is one of the most diverse filters available on Instagram and yes, it performed well for selfies too. It would brighten up your image and make those mundane colors pop out.

How to Adjust the intensity or Strength of Instagram Filters

So, now you have found the perfect filter, but is your filter being too loud or is it being too subtle. Well, you can adjust the intensity of the filter at a click of a button. 

As you can see in the picture, there is a button in the top, left to the “NEXT” button and right to the”<–” BUTTON. Press the button to adjust the intensity.  You will notice that it takes you to another tab. It should look like this.

So, now when you are on this tab. You can see in the picture that there is a slider. The slider would be set at 50 by default but you can experiment and move it left and right to find that sweet spot for your picture. You can see the effect of the same filter at strength 41 and 100. One is vivid and looks dramatic, the other one is sorta black and white and looks cinematic.

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