What interest the world mostly today is the interesting technology in the path of communication. Existence without communication has become a tough and weird thought .The coming of iPhone and iPad has utterly changed the world of our communication and enjoyment, and introduced with it an overall access to understanding that is a significant on the record. One of the reasons for this technical rebirth is the innovation of iPhone programs, or more simply programs.

New ideas, new thinking, are applied by the developers to present something new every time. Apple has rendered its customers with a renovated way of using mobile phones. It also makes easier the things you do every day using your iPhone, faster, and more enjoyable. Unlike many of the improvement in various applications, Apple has also improved the way of viewing and reading text messages. Reading the iMessages one by one and then deleting the unnecessary ones is a waste of time. But now you can save your time by marking all iMessages you have read and ignoring the unnecessary items. Let it be message from whomever whether it’s a message from the one you want to ignore, or it’s a message from your service operator, you can mark it as read or just ignore them.

Who don’t fall sick with heap of iMessages !!! Somehow most of us are sick with this issue and here i come up with updating your tech knowledge to be free from this . So geeks what we were discussing about ?  Oh ! Yes ,The Message box seems to be a heap hill of messages as the Messages app keeps on receiving iMessages that is a uncomfortable things for all iPhone and iPad users. And if you pay no attention to have a look at them, they continue to show how many iMessages you are yet to check. So, it’s better to keep a check on the messages that you have read and erase them in time. The below will tell you how to get it done in simple steps. So shall we do geeks .

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Marking All iMessages As Read in simple steps .

Marking iMessages at one go as read will save time and through this you can know which message is important and which are not. Follow these simple steps and you will find it to be an amazing feature by Apple; now, let’s start! Click click 1, 2, 3, 4 simple click steps for you :

Step #1 Absolutely nothing is possible without a home so my first click step for is to Go to your iPhones home screen and open the menu.

Step #2 What you see now is your common area that is exactly your main menu with list of applications you use. Now on the main menu, tap on the message app to open it

Step #3 When the message app opens, Tap on the ‘Edit’ option provided at the top left the corner.Edit -iMessage

Step #4– Now, what you have to find is the bottom left corner there you will find an option ‘Read All’. Tap on it and this will remove all indicators of new iMessages, marking them as read; the blue icon that is provided along an unread iMessage, the number that is provided at the top of the Messages app screen, and the new/unread red badge icon with the number on it on the Messages app icon, at least until you get more iMessages that have not been read.Read All- iMessage

That’s all. Isn’t it so easy Click click steps ! If you don’t want to do this process, you can repeat the above steps at it will be done.

About iMessage and how it’s different from SMS: Love to be iOS Users .

Now geeks I have given solution for your problem . Now let me update you with tech knowledge . You are not new to the concept SMS/MMS which solely lets you to send text messages and photos to other cell phones or devices. While the technology of Apple developed iMessage, that allows you send text messages, photos, documents, and videos to other iOS devices or Macs over WiFi, without worrying about text-messaging charges (cellular data charges might apply). It’s a unique feature, and it’s only for iOS Devices. Apple provides such awesome functions that make its customers proud.

Geeks if you just own an iOS Device and still you feel not so lucky its because you haven’t used the exclusive messaging feature for you . Here we go to be lucky users . If you are using an iPhone and you don’t have access to iMessage, then you can turn it ON right from your device. it’s not at all complicated as it seems. I will tell you how you can do it.

  1. As usual home is the first spot so go to your home screen
  2. Now you are on seeing your main menu on your iPhone.
  3. From that many list you see on main menu , click on setting icon .
  4. Here on settings Now, go to message.
  5. Here on message you gotta turn ON iMessage.

It’s straightforward. Isn’t it? . So now don’t you feel so lucky being an iOS user .

Now, I will let you know how can you send a message.

  1. Follow the same procedure to open Message as discussed in the above steps
  2. In message tap in the option provided to write. That will be shown aswrite icon on iMessage on iPhone
  1. Then enter a phone number or email address, or tapadd icon on iMessage on iPhone            and choose a contact.

4. Type the message body, attach a picture/video, or tap    mic icon on iMessage        to send an audio message. Tap Send to finish.

You can also send photos, videos, or links directly from different apps by tapping on the option shown assend icon on iMessage on iPhone

If you want to send a message to more than one contact at a time, then send a group message. If you are having a shadow of the doubt that how could you know the message type i.e. an SMS, MMS, or an iMessage then there is a simple thing. You can know them by their colour. SMS and MMS’s text bubbles and send button are green while iMessage’s text bubbles and send button are blue in colour.

However, Apple has provided various simplified and exciting ways of using iPhones or iPads. The developers are working immensely to allow even a simpler ways of using their product which is the proudest innovation which all Apple users love it .

So geeks we started with a solution of How to Mark All iMessages As Read on iPhone or iPad. On the journey i have given my best to update our geek knowledge on iMessages.