No matter if you will find your self squinting on the laptop or computer screen or leave with complications by the end of the extensive day, give your eyes a rest with bigger text on-screen. Rather than applying specific zoom bars and buttons on the application, you are able to tell your operating system to execute a common magnifying which will make print larger on screen. This technique is very relatively easy to fix and won’t modify all of your real files or applications, it simply helps to make the text larger and easier to see.

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Windows Computer
Step 1

Right-click the desktop pc on your display.  Make sure not to right-click an icon. If you use double or several monitors, you can right-click on any of the displays.
Step 2

Click “Personalize,” which reveals the “Change the Visuals” display.

Step 3

Click “Display,” which reveals the “Make it simpler to read what’s on your screen” display.

Step 4

Click the “Medium” or “Larger” radio button and then. Examine the preview display for a glance as to how the bigger written text will look on the screen.

Step 5

Click the “Apply” key. Just click either the “Log off now” key, which will need you to restart the pc, or the “Log off later” key, which will carry out the larger-text look so when you restart.


Save all of your docs and close all applications before modifying the writing size, since a restart is required.


Information in this article is applicable to Microsoft windows seven. It may differ a bit or considerably with other versions or products.