Attracting shoppers online is a tough task, almost as difficult as earning their trust. Once you earn a shoppers trust you will begin seeing benefits. Increased spending and word of mouth advertisement are two simple yet solid examples. While many methods have been seen in online retail the most effective to date has been live chat. Live chat has the ability to retain and attract new shoppers quickly. This unparalleled level of service is the future of tech support. The question remains, how do you make live chat work for your business?

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When implementing live chat in your website it’s important to remember that you need to make it work with your current layout. Regardless of the theme and shape of your live chat indicator it must be readily available and easy to see, almost popping out at the consumer. This visibility will increase your sites conversion rate drastically.

Human Interaction

When maintaining a live chat service within your website you must remember to stick to a basic but important premise. Always provide human customer service, no automated machine messages. This is because people respond positively to a real human interaction. Your conversion rate will benefit from this and you will be able to gain insight into your consumers through a human perspective

Multifaceted Tool

When utilizing your live chat customer service feature it’s important to remind yourself of other uses and information you can possibly utilize as a result. Live chat can be useful in creating powerful statistics on customer satisfaction with shipping methods, products, services, website design, and more. This information can be used to improve your selection of products, shipping services, website, and services with real insight in what the consumer wants. This is the customer service oriented side of live chat but its beauty lies in its dual role as a sales force. Don’t be shy in instructing your live chat staff to promote products and services to your customers either. Consumers want questions answered as well as opinions given and will appreciate the input as long as you are not running a sleazy business. The benefits of not running a sleazy business are obvious and it’s becoming easier and easier to become a big and legitimate business from anywhere. Just remember that big legitimate businesses operate based on analytic’s and not emotional guesses and buzz word filled marketing fluff.


In summary it’s easy to conclude that live chat is an avenue to increased sales and insight with consumers. With the numbers you receive through normal online channels plus direct consumer feedback you will be able to construct a product catalog that is relevant and sells. This will boost you ROI by not only selling more products but cutting down your own staff. Keep in mind that live chat staff can aid multiple consumers at once and quicker than on the phone. This will be nothing but a positive for your site and your wallet. Keep these things in mind when shopping around for your future live chat investment.