Are you a tiny kid who misses their dad who lives abroad? Or a mom who needs to travel for her job and misses out on phases of her kid’s life? Are you a high-school student who has shifted too many times in their non-so-very-long life and has had to build up their friendships with new people too many times? Do you still wish you could actually TALK to those friends you had to leave behind? Or maybe you miss your mom and dad or even your pet? If missing someone and now you can be near to them … Not kidding!!!


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Step 1: Download Skype.

Here is the first and most obvious thing you have to do. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION.

Skype is one of the most available free wares on the world frickin’ wide web! So just download it!

You can just go to Google, type in “Skype free download” in the search bar and you shall find abundant options from where you can download Skype.

Step 2: Run.

After Skype has downloaded on your device, it needs to be installed. Click RUN.

Step 3: Make you own space in the world.

You need to make your own personalized Skype ID. This will be the forum where you connect with your friends and family online.

So create your ID. Hurry!

Step 4: Add contacts.
skype search bar

Go to the Search bar to the left of the page. Type in the name of the contact you want to add. Choose the desired person from the list of search results and add them!

Now, remember, you can just select any random person from your contact list and have one-on-one skype chat with them, video chat or otherwise. But that is so NOT the point of this article!

This article is aimed at telling you how to make free conference call on Skype.

You know, for those times when you are down with the blues, and need all of your friends online?

Or even for group discussions or group projects? When you need to have some passionate and most needed “group discussion” and cannot find the time to do it offline?

Conference calling on Skype aptly comes to your rescue in such desperate times of need. Embrace it!

Now time for the real thing! how to make a group video call Skype?

Read more to find out.


Well, to do this you obviously have to first make a new group. How do you do that?

Step 1: Go to the big File.

You will see a tab marked “File” towards the top pf your page. Go to the “File” tab. Click on this “File” tab.

Step 2: Selection time folks!

skype new conversation

Once you have clicked on the “File” tab. A drop down menu will appear in front of you. This will have many options.

But your need is simple and curious. That is, you need to make a new group to converse with. So, for you, the work is pretty straightforward –cut out and simple.

Just click on the “New Conversation” option that is on the drop down menu. Typically, this will be the first option you find in the drop down menu.

Once you have clicked on the “New Conversation” menu, a new untitled conversation will appear.

Step 3: Create that guest list for your online gab-fest.

You are now required to create a list of contacts that you want to add to the group.

You have to click the “Add button” and then select the contacts from a drop down list below the “Add button”

This is the “Add button”.

skype add button

The drop down list looks like what the following picture depicts.

skype add people or phone numbers

Choose your people, the ones you want to add to the group, and then select “Add”.

Repeat this progression for EACH CONTACT that you need to add to your group.

Skype lets you add a maximum of 24 people to each conference group.

 Step 4: Actually make the call!

Okay amigo, it is show time!

video button to start the conference call

Click the video button to start the conference call for your group and enjoy!

Step 5: Cutting them off!

In case you are in the need to be mean and need to cut someone from the call, this is simple too! Go to the person’s image while in the conference call, and click the tiny arrow next to it. Select the “Hang Up” option.

However, you can only exercise this mean right if you are the host of the group call.

Step 6: Say goodbye.

If you need to end the call altogether, just click on the red button. This is the “End Call” button and will make sure your call ends altogether.

 Step 7: Added info.

Just if you need to call this group in the future, you should notice that your group has been saved on to the sidebar. This makes sure you can call you group again if you so wish.

Step 1: Find. Select.

skype find select

If your group is pre-made, this means this has automatically been saved to your contacts sidebar.

So, to call this group, just go to the sidebar and first find it!

Then, click on the group.

Step 2: Tap the icon.
Tap the icon.

Now you need to click the call icon. If you want to video chat, click the video chat icon. Otherwise, click the simple call icon.

P.S. If you need to add a new person to your group, just click the “Add” button and he person can be added from the drop down list of contacts.