For all those Mac users out there, do you know all the cool things your computer can do? I bet you don’t.

To jog that sleep-addled and energy-deprived memory of yours, lets revise a few cool concepts shall we?

Scroll below to know some of the mac tips and tricks mavericks you can do!

Remote Control

mac remote control

No boys and girls… there are no tricky games involved here. What this basically means instead is that you can control your Mac remotely. Say, for instance, that you are out somewhere on the road and you forgotten some work on your computer at home and it needs to be done urgently, you can finish your work on the go!

To do this, you just have to make sure that your Mac and your phone have the Chrome Remote Desktop app on it, that you have your personal configured PIN, and that you have internet connection on your Mac and phone to sync them. Enter the PIN, and voila! Your gadgets are synced and you can work on your Mac from your phone! Cool right?

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Have a little chat.


A Mac has impressive communication facilities and abilities. It can listen to you – No, I am not kidding. This is serious. Your speech gets converted into audio signals that your Mac can pick up, interpret and understand. What do you think of that amigo?Have a little chat.

A Mac had certain accessibility features which allow this form of communication between the user and the Mac. It even talks back to you! For example, if you have written an article, instead of giving it an eye over, you can check how it sounds in actuality while your Mac reads it out for you.

How do you do that? It’s simple. Follow the formula given below:

Select text > visit Edit > click Speech > click Start Speaking

 Major Windows Missing?

Run Windows on your Mac.

You were, until very recently, a Windows use? And you miss it? No worries. Run Windows on your Mac.

Especially for all the gamers out there, who cry at night, because their Mac doesn’t allow them to play their games, this is a great tool. You can use a virtualization app to run Windows. Some such apps are Fusion, VMware, VirtualBox etc.

Exotic Emoji

Exotic Emoji

When you go the Edit menu of most of your apps, there is an option called Special Characters at the bottom. You can use this to customize the characters you want to use and choose your own personal choice of emoji!

 Make it large!

If you think you’re going blind, ZOOM IN! Make sure the zoom options are enabled on the Accessibility panel on your Mac. This will help you get up close and personal with you images on screen and give you a clearer picture.

A Virtual Signature.

A Virtual Signature.

Save paper! Save trees!

Remember when you had to take a print out of a document, sign it, scan it and then send it to someone? Well forget all that hassle! Sign your documents on your Mac! Virtually!

Go to Preview preferences> Signature tab> click +>Sign> Line it up> click Accept> ‘Save this signature’.

Now, open the document and use the following instructions.

Go to Edit Toolbar > click the signature icon> draw a box > add your signature on your document.

 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are great time-savers. Use them!

Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts.

In a Mac, you have the option to customize your shortcuts. Click the + button and add a new shortcut that you want to use. You can choose which application you want to apply this to from a drown-down menu that will appear. Click Add

Sum it up!

When you are in the need of doing quick calculations, use Spotlight! Type in your sum and it will give you an error-free answer!

Upload clips and get famous!

For all musicians out there [and other artists too], who like to upload a sample of their work online and use the medium of a video to do it, use QuickTime Player! It uploads your video to YouTube at breakneck speed. Get famous faster!

Be selective.

When you are spoilt for choice with a plethora of different Wi-Fi networks, become an elitist. Choose the ones you use and set them as your preference.

Go to System Preferences > click Network> click the Wi-Fi you want > click Advanced> drag networks and make a prioritized list of networks you want to connect to.

 Keep up with the flurry!

Keep up with the flurry

You should use Activity Monitor to keep up with your Mac has been up to. If you think your Mac is running too slow, you can deactivate some activities and make your computer run faster. Just select the process you want to stop for the moment and “Quit Process”.

These are just a few simple tricks you can keep up your sleeve. Enjoy your Mac!