Mac Tips and Tricks to Use Your Mac Like a Pro

Something is always Cool !!!  Something is always New !!! Something is always a new feather to my knowledge !!!

Wondering why is it so ?

It is because Mac always surprise me with its cool and new way .  Always Mac has some striking features that always give me a chill in my brain . So I would like to tell you about some cool and striking features of Mac and also here I would like to reveal you a secret .

tips to use mac like pro

Know what it is? It’s the effective Mac Tips and Tricks to use your Mac like a Pro . These are the things which will be useful for you to be a Mac user .Okay geeks let’s first explore wonders of Mac ; absolutely the “The special features of Mac processor and best Mac OS tips and tricks to use Mac like pro ”.

So here I offer some great collection of new to Macbook pro tips it in advanced way .

 1 . Emojis in Mac:

Here is a magic i will show ; ctrl+⌘+space press this guys . Now it opened the special characters window . Isn’t is a surprise for you that you are able to your Emojis like you do in your iOS . Its something i really love because without emojis how can i express my mock , blessed , loved expressions .


For me its the best part of my communication so as this is really a best apple mac keyboard shortcuts to use your Mac Like a Pro. Now enjoy with emojis and express yourself well.

2 . Hide running applications or quit it:

Slow slow slow !!! You know why does this happens ? It is because too many apps are running which slows down . It is common in Mac too . What you gotta do for this is to just Quit Programs in Mac OS X that running on background.

  • Now to close an application what you have to do ? Simply hold the ⌘ +tab
  • Next one is how can you Quit an application or Hide an application ? Keep tabbing through the applications by holding ⌘ and to Quit it : Press Q , to Hide it : Press H.

You are done with one more tips to use your Mac like a Pro.

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3. Using space bar preview the files:

A special feature on Mac is to make opening of heavy files in Coral Draw or Photoshop by taking a preview look . Isn’t it cool geeks ? You can now look on the preview and you can analyze if you wish to open it or no .

Now here it is about how you can do it –

  • First  choose the file you wish to open .
  • Now press the space bar .
  • Now files are in the preview mode , choose between it and if you want to close the file just press the space bar again . You are done with wonderful Mac tip too.

4 . Shortcuts for Screenshot:

It is always easy to take screen shots in your Mac with these commands . Because we love the shortcuts in work and life .

  • ⌘+⇧+3  for capture the whole screen + save.
  • ⌘+Ctrl+⇧+3  capture the entire screen with copy to the clipboard.
  • ⌘+⇧+4  capture dragged area + save.
  • ⌘+Ctrl+⇧+4  captured dragged area + copy to the clipboard.
  • ⌘ +⇧+4  then space capture a window +save.

Here we have discussed all about Screenshot Format on your Mac OS X

5. Create fresh text files:

Creating new files is always a common thing we do . So it is easy to create new files now . For this select the text from anywhere and click and hold the same , now move it to the spot where you want to create a fresh text file.

Cool Mac tips isn’t it !!!

6 . Volume and brightness adjustment:

Usually people change volumes and brightness at the time of watching videos and songs. For this you need to hold the ⇧ at the time of changing the volume. To change the brightness simply holds ⇧+⌥.

7 . Summarize Text:

For project management this is one of the most useful features. To enable these special features you have to click on the application name. It is a easy and quick job now to summarize any long text with Mac OS X .

8 . Open finder folder in fresh window:

For a new tab you have to hold the ⌘ and double click to a folder for open it in a new window.

9 . Quick type answers anywhere:

Mac OS X has also quick Type features like iOS 8. To use this feature you need to press the ESC key for the suggestion of the next word while you are typing in any apple application.

These are some advanced application and user guide which are quite useful Tips to use your Mac Like a Pro.  If you completely know the all features and the using techniques then this is the best operating system and you can easily use Mac like a pro.

These are advanced and quite easy but you have to do a bit habit. Other features like easy command line use and by this you can easily solve many difficulties arises in the system.  As all of you know Mac is a cool and most advanced operating system which provides better protection of all your personal files which are related to internet, it is too much famous among people.

Now these Tips to use your Mac Like a Pro can make it more easy for you and now you can fall in love with your Mac .

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