Your iPad’s display screen orients automatically by default, transforming from portrait to landscape, or the other way around, since you rotate the screen. The function, nevertheless, is definitely an irritation if you would like the display screen to repeatedly display top to bottom without having it change orientations as you progress all over. When you have to lock up the display vertically, makes use of the iPad’s orientation lock function to keep up your screen from proceeding horizontally.

Step 1
Hold your iPad in portrait view so that the show orients top to base.
Step 2
Double-tap the “Home” key at the end of the screen. A selection reveals at the end.
Step 3
Scroll remaining on the choice by moving your finger remaining to right. A greyish display lock icon appears donning an arrow shaped like a circle.
Step 4
Tap the greyish circle-shaped pointer symbol. The display locks vertically.