“Technology is best when it brings people together” the insightful words quoted by John Mullenweg makes everyone fathom that they are in possession of an amazing tool that they didn’t have before. The Kodi app, which is considered as one of the best platforms for movie lovers, is incorporated with innate features which make it stand out in the best list of entertainment service providers. Kodi, which is the former XBMC is a media player which serves one to stream different media files from the internet. Then get ahead to download this app and enjoy your streaming without any hassles and get drowned in the world of entertainment. Below are the recommendations which will guide you to download this kodi app with quick and simple steps.

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Steps to download Kodi app for Android users:

  1. Link your device account to the app store and open the Google Play store app on your gadget.
  2. Enter Kodi app in the search panel as soon as the home page appears.
  3. Select the proper application file from the given list of options and click on the best one.
  4. When the chosen application loads, you will be provided with an ‘install’ option.
  5. Accept the permission message so that the download begins and be patient until the installation finishes successfully. It’s all done, now you can enjoy streaming by watching your favorite shows on the Kodi app.

Steps to download Kodi for iPhone and ios devices:

  1. All the ios users must install the ‘Cydia’ app on the device and this particular app can be downloaded using Safari browser.
  2. Launch the Cydia app and type Kodi app in the source search panel.
  3. Once the results are displayed click on ‘team Kodi’ followed by ‘All Packages’.
  4. Once you confirm the installation it gets started and have patience till it gets completed.
  5. After successful installation click on ‘complete’ or ‘finish’ and exit the Cydia app.
  6. From the app drawer of the device, you will be able to find the Kodi app.

Once you find it, you will be able to enjoy the excellent services offered by the app.

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Steps to download Kodi for PC Windows:

Since mobile phones have minor screens, storage issues, Battery loss, Kodi offers you a prospect to download this app on Windows PC.

The basic system requirements one must follow:

  1. The basic Windows OS must be Windows Vista. Also, diverse versions right from Windows 7 to Windows 10 are compatible for installing Kodi app.
  2. It is a must because of the video graphic abilities.

Using direct application of Kodi app player:

  1. A ‘.exe’ file will be provided, that runs easily on the Windows PC.
  2. Click the link provided on the website and download the .exe file on your PC.
  3. Be patient for a while because of the file size, which is about 80 MB consumes enough time to download.
  4. Click on run to continue the file set up after the download process is completed.
  5. A pop-up window appears on the screen asking access to allow the installation.
  6. After accepting the message, one must probably wait for the application to install.
  7. After successful installation of the app, you will be able to find it in the programs section of the menu bar. A shortcut link is created on the desktop to make it easy to use.

With this procedure, one will be able to save the burden of extra APK (Android package Kit) download and installation. So, do try it and you will definitely love the experience.

Steps to download Kodi for Mac:

Mac OS X is the first platform where Kodi is promoted. Kodi app has been an open source platform since its launch, which is why various C/ C++ developers can develop this app.


Kodi V15 or Kodi V16 requires Mac OS X 10.7 or any higher version and it is assured that Kodi app will perfectly work if the Mac OS X is above the given range.

Below are the steps one could follow to download the Kodi app on your Mac OS X:

  1. Download the .dmg file of the Kodi app on your Mac device and click on the link from the official website to start downloading.
  2. The .dmg of the Kodi app must be double clicked to extract the app’s disk image.
  3. A symbol resembling a disk drive would be visible and click on it to open.
  4. To drag it towards the application folder, click and hold the image.
  5. Right- click the disk drive image and click on ‘eject’ from the displayed set of options. In addition, one may want to use the Addon installer and Config Wizard to allow the configuration.
  6. if, you are unable to open your application folder, then try clicking on the small Apple’s icon then ‘System preference’ option. Then click on “Privacy and Security’ followed by unlocking the lock at the left corner of the screen. From the title of “Allow apps downloaded from:” option select ‘anywhere’ and start enjoying various videos, movies, pictures etc.