Now days, we all are well-known from the fact that what iPhone’s are and how day by day its demand is getting increased rapidly. Also, it’s standard among all the android versions used so far.

Many users due to its advanced technologies believe that this product is away from the risk of getting malware and viruses issues. To bee being positive I wish that their belief proves out to be true but to be practical it may sometimes cause un-excepted problems which are un-observed or away from our eye sight. As it is said that by some very well-known that “Prevention is better than cure” So why let’s not apply this quote here and protect our I-phones before letting it in the rid of that malware.

Before moving on the ways to protect let’s see what actually malware is. By the name it seems that it might be a virus but to the point of view it’s not really that it’s something different.  The first thing to know is it is different from other types of malicious software, such as virus. Malware doesn’t attempt to get into your machine without your knowledge, it is malicious software designed as legitimate software.

For understanding more clearly, let’s take a closer view of it through the example. Perhaps you have seen that you visit some website and then there are some different types of advertisements or say you receive some emails or either way something like this and when you click onto it , it redirects you into installing some other programs by playing such bullshit tricks.

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In some instances, it asks you your banking details and account number so that they should pass to nefarious people on the other end. So basically we should avoid such re-directing things and stay updated about such issues.

After reading such things many of the buyers might be worried but for them I would say that there is really no need of worrying as there are many ways to get rid of this problem.

In past August a lot of news was released about malware called key raider which not only effected jail broken I-phones but also stole over 200,000 user Apple ID credentials and other confidential information. In spite of that most recently malware called XcodeGhost was distributed through a no of verified apps listed on the app store making it clear that it’s not just jail broken I-phones that can be infected .Now let’s see various methods to get rid out of such malware.

A] Update your iPhone or iPad : Whenever Apple gets smell of new malware that effects it’s phones it will release an update to IOS that anybody can download to protect them self. So basically it will like update of the phones.

B] Use Branded computers and ports: Many of us are unaware from the fact that malware can enter through by plugging our phones to any UN-trustworthy devices.  As they may have settings of catching our all personal information as soon as our phone came into contact with their device. So always use branded and trustworthy device.

C] Avoid jail breaking your phone: No doubt, Jail breaking phones has many benefits and it’s beneficial for many purposes such as making easy contact with other phones but it has some disadvantages too. It make easy for hackers to catch-all the data of the phone easily and thus leading to the effect of malware.

Suppose in case if you jail broke your phone be careful. Even though jail breaking does put you at increased risk, many people will find that customizing their phones in the ways that they’ve wanted to is worth it.

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D] You can install anti-virus apps: Apple recently took an axe to many anti-malware apps that were present in the App Store, but a few survived, and could help you stay virus-free. Lookout is a powerful app that combines anti-malware tech, phone backups, security audits, and theft protection. Most of the features are free, so there’s no downside to downloading this app. It even detected XcodeGhost in most versions of IOS.

Another good app to download is McAfee Mobile Security, which also provides a number of features. Lock files inside your secure vault, protect private photos from other apps, back up your contacts, set off an alarm if your phone is stolen, and even receive an SOS message with a location when you lose your phone.

E] Always look for an unknown profile:  There are many accounts which are accessed by or phone for the professional or say social purpose.

So in that case many times we need to deal with many other user profile too .So before accessing or dealing with any one of them we should keep  our data private and should acquire complete information against that unknown profile.

F] Keep password security: Whenever we buy new phone all of us take care about screen, back covers, etc. Instead of that take must care about the data. Keep it as much private as possible. Keep security locks and OTP system if your account is been accessed by some other device so that you will be notified with each and every single detail.

I hope you all might understand the various ways of protection and fond out something worth-it. Thanks for co-operation and giving your valuable time for reading this.

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