How to Keep Android Screen ON for Longer While Reading

Just as you are getting to the thrilling climax of the latest novel on your phone, hands busy with a hot cup of coffee, the screen goes dim and then off.
You might have been in the middle of an impromptu but important presentation at work or college and just as you were about to bring up a brilliant point, your android’s screen went off. Maybe your hands are busy scribbling down notes and you can’t keep tapping the phone screen.

We have all been there.

Your android device needs some caffeine to stay bright and awake, not just you.

Use these apps to beat those preset screen on time blues and keep your Android device screen on for as long as you like

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Android apps that keep the screen awake for Certain apps and situations


Once downloaded onto your android device, you can use the icon in your notifications bar or a widget to activate Caffeine and keep screen on.

This tiny app allows the user to choose various options – whether to change the brightness or not, whether to auto deactivate Caffeine when the screen is manually turned off, whether to auto activate when the USB is connected. The user is also allowed to choose which apps Caffeine can be activated for.

Get Caffeine here.



With Wakey on your android device, you can adjust screen brightness and keep screen awake android.

Brightness can be maximized for the photo gallery and navigation apps and minimized for others. With some toggling, the screen can be kept on while reading or using navigation apps.

Enable Wakey by tapping on the big bulb and disable it by tapping it again or from the notifications bar.

Get Wakey here.

Keep Screen On!

Android keep screen on for certain apps does exactly what it says. There are three options to choose from – Full Wake Lock (keyboard on), Screen Bright Wake Lock and Screen Dim Wake Lock (keyboard off). Activate using either the widget or the app. While the wake lock is active, tray notifications are shown.

Get it here.

Screen On

Screen On offers its facilities in app form or widget form.
Timers can be set to auto deactivate.
The app can automatically start when the device is put to charge or when headphones are connected.
The app can be set to automatically deactivate when the device is at a low battery level.
Get it here.


If your device runs on Android Nougat or if you are expecting an update to Android Oreo very soon, Caffeinate is your best bet to keep your screen on. It is a simple (beta version) app that creates a tile in the quick settings. You can set the screen on time to 5 minutes or higher, depending on your needs.
Get it here.


Another app called Caffeine makes it on to the list.
This app also functions as a tile in the quick settings. Toggle the screen on time from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to whatever duration you want – even hours.
Get Caffeine here.

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What app would/do you use to keep your android stay awake?
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