5 Easy Ways to Integrate Instagram Into WordPress


Instagram is one of those popular social media which deals with sharing of photos and videos. It has over 300 million active users per month. It has a lot of potential for all business enterprises and online marketers. Also, it helps in building an engaged following. And what better way to integrate your account into your WordPress dashboard?

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Advantages of integrating Instagram to WordPress

  • Raise awareness of products or activities
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build relationships with your followers
  • Encourage followers to share your content
  • Build credibility through your photos and videos

Ways to integrate Instagram into your WordPress dashboard

There are some ways through which you can integrate your Instagram account into your WordPress.

1. Make use of different widgets

One method to integrate WordPress with Instagram is to install a simple widget plugin which will display a stream of pictures from your profile. It will show up in one of the widget areas on your WordPress site.

5 Easy Ways to Integrate Instagram Into WordPress

Instagram Slider Widget is a very simple widget to use. It demands no extraordinary parameters to work. You just need to give your Instagram username and it will fetch all the latest photos. It lets you customize the display of your photos. You can either choose to show it in a slide format or as a thumbnail.

2. Import all your Instagram photos directly

You can use WordPress to back up your Instagram’s gallery. All the photos of your account will be stored on your web server. DsgnWrks Instagram Importer lets you choose if you also want your photos to be a part of your blog posts.

5 Easy Ways to Integrate Instagram Into WordPress

This allows you to elaborate the description of all your photos and share the story behind it. This plugin also works with videos now, which is a great thing. If you need any help, the plugin’s developers have a guide on how to work things out.

3. Alpine PhotoTile plugin

5 Easy Ways to Integrate Instagram Into WordPress

The Alpine PhotoTile plugin has a shortcode generator from where you can choose your Instagram settings. You can select a user and choose their photos from feeds, images, popular, etc. and how to display them like links, lightbox, etc. You can also choose your style settings, for eg. cascade, windows, gallery, etc. Also, you can set the number of columns, photo size, the number of photos, borders, etc. You can also set the alignment and widget width.

It has a range of features too. Moreover, it has plenty of settings and the shortcode generator which allows you to make as many shortcodes with as many settings as you want. You simply create the shortcode and paste it into your posts or pages.

4. Badges- Instacounter Instagram counter widget

Instacounter Instagram Counter widget gives you a badge with stats and counters. It shows the number of people you follow, the number of people who follow you and the number of media and posts you have. Also, it has 5 different types of badges to choose from. Using this plugin is very easy. After installing and activating it, go to the widget area. Drag the widget and drop it where you want it in your sidebar. You can also give it a title if you want. Then give it the Instagram username. This can be yours or someone else’s. After that, turn on Clicks Hit, choose the style of counter you want, and then hit save. Now when users click on your badge, they will be taken to your account page.

5. Integrate a “follow me” block

Instagram Followers Widget lets you display a follow me block on your WordPress dashboard, just like Twitter.

5 Easy Ways to Integrate Instagram Into WordPress

This widget’s final appearance looks very similar to the standard Facebook fan widget. People can easily follow you or your account directly without going to your account’s page. This helps you gain more followers.

5 Easy Ways to Integrate Instagram Into WordPress

Some quick tips for your account and using your content there

To help boost engagement with your content, try tagging your fellow followers in a picture by leaving a comment or a caption on the image. Include the names with the @ symbol and their Instagram name.

Also, you can add hashtags to your account’s posts to help you connect with the users who have similar interests.

Use your images from your account in your regular blog content. This will help increase your follower count. Moreover, it can get your Instagram content more exposure.

For the maximum visibility, offer a badge on your WordPress site which is linked to your account. You can also try embedding your Instagram content in your posts on your WordPress site.

Wrapping up

Instagram is a great platform for building your business presence online. Share your posts photos and videos to the world by integrating it into your WordPress. All the above-mentioned methods are easy and intuitive to use. Your choice just depends on the feature you want to be seen.

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