Using a Mac book is always is always a matter of extreme sophistication. However, it requires a conversant and tech-savvy user who is familiar with different kind of operating system. One needs to have a fair knowledge of Linux OS to run Macbook terminal. Most of the windows users will have a little difficulty at times as it is extremely different from the Window’s user interface.

Techies say the dual boot which means you can partition your hard drive into two portions, and you can use duo operating system. But it will not work on MAC as the partition will be formatted using MAC partition table. You can use virtualization software to get this done, but it requires upgrade on your RAM and CPU or you tend to face performance issues. Considering these factors Apple came up with a solution.

Heard of Bootcamp ?  It’s a utility in MAC which helps you to install Windows to dual boot. But you need to insert a Windows Disc. However, your MacBook Air doesn’t comes with an optical drive to insert a disk. The only option we have is to use a pen drive or a flash drive to boot and install windows OS. But along the way you will face a lot of issues while doing this and bang your head, I have faced similar situation and found a solution for the same, so you don’t have to waste your time on the same as I did.

Your Windows Boot Camp will scream at you “The installer disc could not be found” when you’ve selected your partition size.

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boot camp assistant

  • Let’s start from Square one, Download Windows ISO image from Microsoft download page.
  •  Once you start Boot camp, you have three options at beginning.

bootcamp select task

  • Select the last option to Install Windows 7 or later version.
  •  It will prompt to select path to .ISOfile.
  •  Once you point it to your ISO that you have downloaded it will copy the contents to the USB device.
  •  Then you have to start the boot camp again and select the third option to install.

bootcamp select task third option

  • Click on Continue and it will prompt you to select drive size for your windows partition.

Note: Please select enough space because it will not allow you to resize it in future.

OS X Divide equally

  • Once you select install, you are all set to fly into the windows Operating system installation

 Things to remember when installing Operating system

Installing Operating system should be excellent. However, you must see the following. While partioning the drive, you will not be prompted to install Windows directly as the Next option will be grayed out. That’s because your Boot Camp will partition this drive as RAW.

So to resolve this you have to select Delete.

OS X Divide equally

  • Create a New Partition and assign specify space required -> once done you will be prompted to install.

install windows

Another problem that we may face is “error 0x8030024-Windows is unable to install to the selected location” this happens after a few minutes of initiating the installation on the selected partition. This actually happens just because having more than one drive as active in the machine.

The problem here seems to lie in having more than one drive active in the system. So, Disconnect other drives. I can speak from my experience that it worked easily. Fascinatingly Windows installer doesn’t continuously install when you have two drives installed, and here looks like any logic in place to whether it will work or fail. But if at all it fails, disconnect the other drive and re initialize the installation.

Last point – If you find yourself stuck with a bad installation media, or booting into Windows by default, reboot your computer and press and hold the Option key right after the beep. Hold it down until you see a menu pop up with the available Operating System, just like the recovery boot option for OS X.

There you go, I know it’s not swift, it’s not cool, but if you need a copy of Windows on your Mac and if you haven’t got an optical drive, this technique will work.

Relax now , you should be able to install Boot Camp drivers for the windows software and make your system up and running without any hassle.