Kodi is media software that lets you stream any video on the internet. You can literally watch anything from Kodi. But you should be careful as this can cause trouble. Modern-day streaming unknown videos are not safe. This is a dangerous time to enjoy streaming a video. You ask why?

Why you are in trouble:

As there are some rules according to which allows internet service providers to check and record your activities online. This is happening in many countries like US, UK, and Australia. The Kodi streaming history is under scrutiny.

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How this does affect you:

First of all, this is a breach of your online privacy. Many regulators and industry lawyers are now cracking down on copyright infringement of the videos. Earlier the copyright regulations were mainly for the most used downloading software torrent.  But now the government is also going after people who are streaming content through the unofficial channels like, Kodi.

How can you protect yourself?

Install a good VPN, then everything you do online cannot be recorded and thus cannot be used against you in any way.

Why is it important to use a VPN while streaming videos-?

  1. Protecting your privacy and identity online
  2. Unlocking geo-restricted add-ons known as geo-spoofing

The primary motive of the Kodi VPN guide is to give you the best experience you need to stream Kodi with more privacy and anonymity.

The Best VPNs for Kodi

These are the best VPN that gives you the much-needed privacy while streaming videos which are copyright protected.

  • VPNArea
  • IPVanish
  • VyprVPN
  • VPN.ac
  • Perfect Privacy

Some of the VPN does not protect you and can release your IP address and DND request. Therefore, these above VPN’s are tried and tested and hence, are the best among the lot.

Is Kodi legal?

This is question most all ask but no one knows the apt answer. Kodi is safe in general streaming copyrighted movies or TV shows using unofficial Kodi add-ons may be illegal in your country and can land you in trouble.

UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany, and other countries can create trouble for you if you watch a copyright protected video. They can track your IP address.

How to use a VPN with Kodi

Setting up a VPN for Kodi is a little difficult but this guide will help you in the process. The above recommended VPN’s can be used on different operating systems.

You basically have two different options to use a VPN with Kodi:

  1. Use your VPN with Kodi separately– This means that your VPN is running in the background, encrypting all your internet traffic. While you are streaming the data through Kodi.
  2. Use your VPN inside Kodi via add-ons/apps- This method allows you to use VPN within Kodi. This option is not available for most devices. This is limited to the Linux based devices.

Here are the detailed steps for the option-1.

Kodi VPN setup

According to this method, your VPN will run in the background and will protect your IP address and DND requests.

  • Laptops and PCs that includes Linux, Windows etc.
  • Tablets and phones
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick apart from the first generation
  • Android-based Kodi Boxes

Step 1: Subscribe to a good VPN service

First of all, you need to subscribe to a good VPN service provider. You can select any one from the above-given list. These VPN‘s have great performance overall and protects your privacy and has other security features. These VPN’s have passed many tests and work with all the kinds of devices and protects your privacy in the best possible way.

Step 2: Install the VPN app for Kodi

The VPNs above offer great apps and support for all major operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS, and Linux.

Your VPN will have specific instructions for the device you are using it on. You just need to follow the instructions provided by your VPN service on your operating system.

Step 3: Connect to a VPN server

After you have finished installing you can activate the following private features.

  • Kill switch– This feature will block your internet traffic when your VPN connection drops
  • IP address leak protection-This feature helps in keeping your real IP address concealed so that you can be protected
  • DNS leak protection– This ensures that your DNS requests do not leak out of the VPN tunnel so you can stay safe while you are online

Once the above steps are completed you can simply connect to the closest server to get the Kodi and stream any video that you need from your favorite add-on.

Step 4: Open Kodi and enjoy your streaming

After the above steps you have your Kodi VPN connected and thus, you can stream anything you want with full privacy protection and safe IP address. Whatever you stream on Kodi will be encrypted and secured by your VPN service provider, which is running in the background while you are busy using Kodi.

You can easily protect yourself from the copyright-protected videos and thus can watch any video without any fear. If the above steps are not clear you can go over this video that helps you simplifying the process of installing the VPN service provider for your safety while you are streaming online videos.