The world of media tech is on a whole new verge of having several new advancements and giving people different platforms where everyone can enjoy pro

per entertainment on multiple platforms. When we talk about open source media players then what better name to suggest other than Kodi. Kodi is a unprofitable technology which can be used by anyone and everyone to stream or play various types of media to your liking.


Along with all these advancements in the technology , the journey of Kodi has rather been new and exciting as well. Being a multi platform application, it sure does have its advantages and all across the major platforms as well. Hence let’s take a look at the different types of platforms that it is available.

Kodi- An Open Source Home Theater and Media Center App

Kodi on Android TV or Any Android Device

Kodi sure has dominated the field of android devices and has played a Major role in making playing console much better and also really can be done as well. Along with all this, the software is pre-installed and has a rather significant role as well in making everything different in the cheap android boxes that you can buy out there which has Kodi as their primary source for a media player. Because of this open source technology that it houses, it tends to be far more preferable than other media players and give you a fresh new take over the piracy settings of the media that is played over this software.

Well, all this is entirely new, and none of the other software let you play any content that may be corrupted or a little off in its quality. But Kodi is one duh platform that can give you a whole new take on which each and everything about the software is customization and gives the user their own will and wish to the preferences that they like the most. It is readily available for everyone to download from the play store and is completely free of cost as well.

Kodi for AndroidHere


Kodi on iOS

Kodi on iOS is much more flexible and gives a whole new take on which everything becomes simple even to download and install as well. Unlike Android, there is a whole new method through which you can use iOS on this platform.

But usually people might get a bit skeptical as well as to how to install it as there is no direct method, and the only method would be to root the phone and use it. But by using the program called Cydia Impactor, you sure can expect kodi to install on your iOS device and enjoy the free services of this multi platform software making it simple to use as well.

The software is available on the App Store as well but not in the form of Kodi but in the shape of Sybu for Kodi through which Kodi services can be accessble and make the best use of the software.

Kodi for iOSHere

Kodi for Windows


The world of windows sure doesn’t stop growing also has a whole wider audience as well, and Kodi is one of the software that works flawlessly on this platform. Along with all of this, there is a whole new list of features that tend to be much more greater and easier for the user interface to excel at all levels. Even the software being multi platform it sure does have an excellent game in making the media experience in windows a lot exciting and providing all the entertainment that people want in a better way.

Other than this to get Kodi on windows is easy and there are multiple sites out there which give out the software for free and provides you add one as well that can offer you a vibrant take on which you can make the best of everything in general. Other than the things given above, the customization and the way that the things are being done is much smoother and gives you a whole wider new range of making everything much simpler and also enhances the process of streaming online content as well. Kodi on windows is multi platformed and can be downloaded any how as you like.

  • Kodi for WindowsHere

Kodi for Mac or Linux or Any PC

Kodi differs from platform to platform and can be a better place on PC when compared to other ways of using it. Along with this on PC you are rewarded with a whole new way of personalizing the software and making the very best of everything as well.

The media that you tend to stream has a greater depth and feel and to download it doesn’t take much time as everything is available through different sources out there and can be made to your suiting to play the media that you like the most. All this is all free of cost and doesn’t take any money or other charges but is free for you to use and explore Kodi a bit more differently.

Kodi for MacHere

Kodi for LinuxHere

Kodi for Raspberry Pi

Kodi for Raspberry PiHere