Everything is smart so as the brand new Apple watch. The Apple watch is designed to pair with other Apple iOS devices. It is connected using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. The Apple watch has a sports retina display protected by a navy screen, and it has a touch screen display and a digital crown wheel for operating. While you are out on a long trip, you are always concerned about the remaining battery on your phone, because it’s the only thing that let you get information and allows you to contact others; and if you are using an Apple Watch you have to be a bit more concerned. If you are using it for a long time you have to be a bit careful about the battery life.

Apple  watch works with an inbuilt battery that offers enough power to make it work throughout a day under normal usage. Most people will find 18 hours of battery backup as long as they don’t pressure the Apple Watch with long workouts and phone conversations.

Know how to improve Apple Watch Battery Life ?

There are some tips provided below that will help save your battery life:

 1.  Apply the latest software :

The latest version of Apple Watch OS will definitely help you save on the battery life. At first, open the apple watch app on your iPhone and go to my watch -> General -> Software Update. Find out if there is any update available, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi or mobile data to update; join the charger to your Apple Watch and update. Before you are ready to update, please make sure that your Apple Watch has at least 50% charge.

2.  Power saving mode :

If you turn Power saving mode on, you can save Watch’s battery life. It will disable the heart rate sensor; your idea of saving battery life would be satisfied. To turn on Power-saving mode, you have to first open the Apple watch app on iPhone -> go to My Watch -> workout -> tap on Power saving Mode to turn it on. However, reading of calorie burnt displayed on the watch may not be correct when the heart rate sensor is off.

3. Apply Bluetooth chest strap :

If you have a long workout, Apple suggests use of Bluetooth chest strap and not its built-in heart rate sensor. First keep your watch in pairing mode to pair the Bluetooth chest strap with your Apple Watch -> then go to Settings on Apple Watch -> select Bluetooth ->and choose from the list of Health Devices.

4 .Turn off Wrist raise :

Wrist Raise


Turn off wrist raise







Apple Watch has a feature called Smart Wrist Raise that turns the Watch ON when you raise your wrist to check time; that eats up your battery. Hence, you need to turn this feature off; go to Settings on your Apple Watch -> select General ->and turn Activate on Wrist Raise off.

5 . Always keep Bluetooth ON iPhone turned ‘ON’ :

At all times, you need keep your iPhone connected with your Apple Watch via Bluetooth. Don’t disable, if you disable Bluetooth on your iPhone, your Apple Watch battery will start tiring fast. To save more battery on your Watch, keep Bluetooth enabled on your iPhone.

6 . Power Reserve Mode :

If you find watch’s battery is less than 10 %, on selecting Power Reserve mode on your Watch, battery life will be improved. Only the time will be displayed. To put your Watch on Power Reserve mode, hold down the side button till you find the power off screen -> then decrease Power Reserve.

7 . Minimize Motion :

reduce motion

If you stop animations, you will save battery. Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone -> tap General -> tap Accessibility and turn on Reduce Motion and Reduce Transparency.

8 . No Unnecessary Notifications :

Settings Notification Center

Peoples like to turn social media notifications on; Facebook, what’s app, Twitter, Line, etc. may not be as important as you emails. It’s recommended that you turn social media notifications off during the day.

Black pixels consume less battery on your Apple Watch, and color pixels would drain the battery, therefore, keeping smart Watch screen black will save battery life.

Flexible use of Apple Watch will always help you save its battery; if you often use some social media channels, you can always go to your iPhone. Careless time waste on viewing photos, listening to music, having a long conversation through calls, etc. will consume battery and will leave it empty. It’s not easy to carry a charger with you every time you go out. On applying the above mentioned steps, you will surely get more battery life. So, it’s recommended that you put a check on your watch’s battery life before it gets empty. Anyway, the above mentioned tips will surely help you get an extended battery life.