Everyone using emails on day to day life, There are lot of email services offers free emails with unlimited storage space. When we decide to switch from one email another we don’t want to lose our old emails, So that’s why today we will discuss about “How to import other mails account to Gmail account “,  Even  before I  was used the Hotmail and  have decided to change my account to Gmail, But in my hotmail account I had some important mails, so I decided to import email to gmail account and, I heard about that in Gmail tools are available to import my earlier mails,  Following  steps are given below.

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Steps 1:

Login to your Gmail account and select Gear and  in upper right corner click settings.

Steps 2:

Click the Account and Import tab and select Import mail and Contact button.

Steps 3:

Type your email address to your account which you are added, and then click Continue.

Step 4:

For the other account type your password and click Continue.

Step 5:

Which you like to import select that particular items and Add label to all imported mail is used to share  items to your Gmail’s account, Finally select Start import when it is ready.

Step 6:

The process will start import, Once its completed click OK, And note that it will take two days to display.

Step 7:

Suppose you like to delete the account from Gmail, go back to your  Account and Import tab click delete option which is next your account.

Now you are successfully transferred your account to Gmail.Still your any doubts comments us.