IFTTT has to be one of the most amazing web services available at the moment. If This Then That (ifttt.com) lets users link together various services, accounts and devices irrespective of their vendors. Also, you can make an account on the website for free. There are many IFTTT recipes available that can help you increase the productivity of your device and get rid of many mundane tasks from your daily routine. After you sign up for free on the website, make sure you download the free app on your iPhone too. When you’re done with that, try out some of the most awesome IFTTT recipes mentioned below to increase the productivity of your device. You can also create your own awesome IFTTT recipes.

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Logging Your Work Hours:

Keeping track of your work hours is essential. Either running a business or you’re a hardworking employee at a firm. You can work a combination between your device’s location tracking and Google Calendar. This is possible through IFTTT recipes too. The recipe logs in and out when you enter or leave your workplace. Make sure to set the proper location as the recipe sets the default location to wherever the recipe was created, so don’t forget to change that. Also, working in multiple locations will not be a problem as you can set the recipe for each location to improve the productivity. Name these locations with the Quick Add Text field and set the locations to your workplaces and you’re all good to go.

IFTTT Recipes

Tracking Your Packages:

Tracking packages was never this easy before the IFTTT recipes. You won’t have to enter long keys on website to track your parcels. Just download the tracking service Slice and use the IFTTT recipe available. It adds the expected delivery date of your package to your calendar without you doing anything at all.

Security Camera for Your Home:

You can turn your iOS device into a security camera for your home using IFTTT recipes. You will need to have an iOS device that is not being used. It can be an old iPad or an outdated iPhone. Download the app Manything. This app converts your device to a security camera. Set up the device wherever you want surveillance. When done with that, make an IFTTT recipe that launches Manything when you leave the area. You just converted an old iPhone device to a motion-activated security camera, using a free iOS app. Pretty cool, right? And that’s just one small example of what you can do by combining these two services to enhance your tech’s productivity.

Weather Notifications:

If you live in an area where extreme weather such as heavy showers or snowfall are common but unexpected, and you like to be ready for these situations, well who doesn’t? You can use IFTTT recipes to make sure you get a notification if the forecast for the next day shows heavy rain or snowfall.

Increase Your LinkedIn Network;

LinkedIn is a very convenient way for networking and expanding your potential reach. You can connect with your clients, friends or your colleagues. One of the IFTTT recipes lets you send a friend request automatically on LinkedIn after you add a contact to your device. So after a big networking event, you won’t have to go online and search by name for all the people you talked to. If you have saved their contact numbers on your iPhone, this recipe will find them and send them a friend request.

Notifications for Important Emails:

Getting emails is common. So common that setting up notifications for it can prove to be annoying due to constant alerts that you don’t need to attend right away. IFTTT recipes help you get notified for the right emails. For that, prioritizing your email is very important. You can do that by using an IFTTT recipe which reminds you to check your mail when one of your selected important contacts mails you. This recipe works with a Gmail account and you can add as many or as few contacts as you want.

Looking For Jobs/Candidates

Craigslist is a great source for finding suitable candidates for a vacancy or for finding a job matching your skill set. However, browsing through the site and looking for relevant items can prove to be hectic. You can get an IFTTT recipe to send you relevant CVs for the hiring you need to conduct, or help you with your job hunt. All you need to do is specify your search criteria. Make sure to be specific and not to use broad terms to avoid irrelevant items flooding your inbox.

Achieving productivity and automating your devices to avoid repetitive and boring chores is a job made easier by IFFTT recipes. Apart from choosing a pre-designed recipe from the site, you can create one for yourself. It’s as easy as telling Siri to do a task. So sign up for free and scroll through the sites to find your new favorite IFTTT recipe.