You don’t have to cross boundaries . You don’t have to travel miles . You don’t have to cross seas to talk to your beloveds or even to do a conference with your employees in remote office . Internet has reduced the distance and made things easy .

To be more specific our Communication has improved to much greater levels . Skype has thrown light to it in a wonderful way which we thought is going to be impossible for so many years . Now you enjoy talking without boundaries or barriers .Not just chat through text , voice call and to say more video call too . Skype made it in such a amazing way that makes us stay connected always .

Even after the coming of many other voice calling and video calling applications , Skype is regarded as the most preferred voice and video calling application . It is so popular among the people of this scenario because of its user friendly nature as well as its amazing features .

How To Use Skype In Your Google Chrome

Why Skype and What is offers you ?

No more you have to get worried about hiking phone bills and keep limits to  your talk . Because Skype is absolutely FREE . Only your calls to mobile phones and telephone numbers are being charged but that too is nothing a great peak bill that pulls your eyes out looking at the bill . Its really nominal rate.

This is one of the best buddy of the corporate professionals. One of the top reason is that in business field its highly preferred means to communicate .  It reduced the communication gap as well  makes a conference so easy  in a way the outcome will  be effective without any tiredness or boring .

So here in the first section i am going to tell you about the features of Skype .

  • The first feature is Calling .With this you can make free Skype calling and calls to mobile as well as land line numbers at low rates . You can make group calls , forward calls . Use it as caller ID etc.
  • Second one is Video . Using this you can have a face to face talk with people around the globe and make group video callings too .
  • The third one is Messaging . You can send voice message , share photos , videos , send Mojis and emotions, instant messaging , video message etc.
  • The next one is Sharing . You can share screen , group screen sharing as well , file sharing , and so on. Not only this there are lot other features too.                         

     Operating Systems on which Skype works ?
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows Phone
    • BlackBerry
    • Nokia X
    • Fire OS
    • Xbox One
    • PlayStation Vita
    • PlayStation Portable

Here what matters us is not the Operating System , our concern is focused on browser . You know why i said this . Because we are here to discuss about ” How To Use Skype In Your Google Chrome “.

You can use Skype on different browser available from now on . Here we are discussing a particular one “Google Chrome” . You can use Skype on Google chrome efficiently . Many users prefer it over the other ones because in Google Chrome is the fastest browser and video calling in Skype using Google chrome is really cool .

Now let me help you with the core issue “How to Use Skype in Your Google Chrome”

You can now use your Skype account and get connected to the world on your browser “Google Chrome “with few simple steps.

Step 1

Nothing is possible without your Google chrome browser here. So what you have to do is just open your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2

Secondly what you have to do? Install the Skype Click to Call on computer after downloading it .

Step 3

Wait till the installation process is completed.

Step 4

Now on your computer it is been successfully installed. If so, restart your Google Chrome browser.

Step 5

What do you see now after restarting? Yeah , you can see there is a notification on Skype Click To Call extension .

Step 6

Right here you have to click on Enable option to use it on your “Google Chrome browser “.

Step 7

Shall we check whether what we done are working?

Just hover your mouse cursor on any one of the numbers you see on website. After that you can see a Call option on the drop –down menu. So just click on the Call option you see. Dudes , make sure you are all signed to your Skype account .  Well you are done with this .

Hope this works without any confusions 🙂 .

After this step the process is complete now you can easily use the Skype from your Chrome browser on your system.

This is very easy and much more beneficial ways . Because these days Skype has taken a great place in our every platforms of communication . Whether it be anything personal with friend  , or something intimate with your relations , Or even if its too hectic and official  business related , it doesn’t really matters what it is about . But communication is now so far loved through Skype as it saves the time of meeting and talking . Because we get the real feel of talking or discussing matters face to face through Skype itself .

So enjoy Skype on your Google Chrome 🙂