The booming popularity of Snapchat stories has paved way for other social media platforms to introduce feature of the same discipline.The concept of Snapchat stories encapsulates the trend of sharing photos , videos by adding stickers , doodles and other filters to your friends to see that will eventually disappear in 24 hours time.The social media that has recently introduced this feature in Facebook to make us stay connected with the Messenger App of Facebook.


Hence , on March 9 this Messenger day was launched which seems to be very similar to Snapchat , Instagram and Whatsapp status update with a minor variations like video duration and limited stickers when compared to other social media.It displays a reel of your friends’s stories at the top of your messenger window.The 15 seconds video limit when compared to Snapchats 10 seconds video limit is the only visible and can be considered difference.

The Messenger day is the exact copy of Snapchat stories where you can capture photos and videos , add text , stickers , doodle on it as per your visual needs and add it to your day for all your friends to have a look on the events , happenings , moments of your day.This feature can be seen in all android and iOS device.

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Here is the steps to use Messenger day in your iPhone and iPad :

  • Before anything else , update your messenger app with the latest version and launch it.
  • In your messenger window tap on the “Shutter Button” at the bottom of your app to capture photos and videos.

  • Once you have captured, you can see three icons at the top right corner of your messenger screen that enables you to add text , stickers and doodles on your image or video.

  • You can anytime delete the stickers or text that you feel unwanted unless you haven’t saved your picture by dragging the particular element to the “recycle bin” icon that will be located at the top center.
  • Once you have the desired look , tap on the “Save button” at the bottom right corner.
  • To share your photo , tap on the “arrow” at the left bottom corner of your screen.
  • Once you tap on the “send” button , you will be navigated to a new screen where you can select the friends to whom you want share it personally to the groups and person you want to.


When you share an image or video to any of your friends in messenger , you can see a blue colour text below your ¬†image which says ” Add to your day”.


You can always have the control of who can see your photos and videos.Looking into privacy and hiding your day post from someone in your list you can follow the below steps :

  • Click on the “more” option.
  • Select “Everyone Except” or “custom” option available under it.


  • You can delete your post by clicking on it that will be displayed at the top of your inbox.
  • Once it is opened , click on the “three dots” at the top corner.
  • Select “delete”.

Even if you do not delete it willingly , all your post will vanish at the end of 24 hours from the time of posting.


Messenger showcases your friends stories at the top of your inbox thread in the messenger window.You can view them before it disappears by tapping on it which will fast forward , rewind and pause their videos.

There is no option for you to like their stories , instead you can message them privately and comment on it using any of the reactions offered by facebook like haha, or wow .

An added characteristic of messenger is that , if the person whom you are texting posts a story in the meanwhile, you will get an alert which reads “Watch their day”.

Even though the feature looks similar , you can embrace a different look and feel experience by using animated lenses,bubbles,and nearly 5000 illustrated filters which will make you go all excited about capturing photos/ videos and decorating it.

Have fun posting your day’s moments .Share happiness and Save it to your memory.

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