What is Cydia App for iPhone

Cydia is an App store equivalent for jailbroken iPhones. It helps user install various applications that helps you customize your phone in ways that are not available to normal iPhone users. The app was developed by Jay Freeman (also called “saurik”) it was initially released on February 28, 2008.

Below is a beginner’s guide to Cydia which will help you learn the basics of this immensely useful application.

Once you install and open Cydia you will get a homepage like one shown above. The homepage will have 5 different sections on the bottom of display. These are:-

Cydia- First section is named Cydia, clicking on it will open the homepage. The homepage has things like Facebook and twitter links to Cydia’s social media accounts, various themes available and all the featured apps. If you further scroll down you will find user guides subsection which has FAQs, ‘Copying files to/from device’, ‘OpenSSH access How-To’ and ‘root password How –To’.

Sections/Source- In this all the available apps, tweaks and themes are divided into various categories which makes it easier for users to use it.

Changes- This section shows updates of previously installed tweaks which makes it easier for user to update them.

Manage/Installed- This section is divided into three parts called packages, sources and storage. In packages section you can view or remove previously installed tweaks. Sources has places which host different tweaks that can be installed in your phone. You can add any source you like but by default Cydia has various sources already like- BigBoss, ModMyi, StePackaging, iSpazio, Telesphoreo Tangelo etc. Clicking on storage will show you how available space is being utilised in your iPhone, something like shown below.

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search In this you can search for apps you want to install.

A) Installing Cydia Apps and tweaks

  • Click on search in the bottom right corner.
  • In search bar type the name of the app you want to install
  • Click on the app to open the info page of the app
  • Then click on install
  • In the next screen click on confirm to install the app.

B) Uninstalling installed Cydia apps

  • Click on manage
  • In the page that opens click on Packages
  • Tap on the app you want to remove.
  • In the next page click on Modify
  • Next you will see 3 options as shown in the pic below. Click on Remove then on confirm to complete uninstalling the app.

C) Adding a Repository/Source

A repository or repos as it is called in short is a place where jailbreak tweaks are hosted. Repositories are also called sources at times.

  • Click on Manage
  • In the next page click on Sources
  • Tap on Edit then on add
  • You will be asked to add URL of the source, fill it up.
  • After filling up the source URL click on add source.
  • The source will be added and a complete message will be displayed as shown below.

D) Removing a repository

  • Click on Manage
  • In the next page click on Sources
  • Click on red circle beside the source you want to remove.
  • The source will be effectively removed from Cydia.

E) Fixing a boot loop

Installing tweaks that are not compatible with your iOS version can cause your phone to be stuck in a boot loop. This can be fixed by activating ‘No substrate mode’ in your phone which disables all the tweaks temporarily.

  • iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus users can restart there phone by pressing home and volume down button for few seconds. Older iPhones can be restarted by holding home and power button for some time.
  • When apple logo is visible while the phone restarts then hold volume up button until lock screen is visible.
  • Once the device opens in ‘No substrate mode’ uninstall the tweak that is causing the problem.
  • After uninstalling the tweak restart the phone normally to exit the “No substrate mode”.

F) Using filters in Cydia

  • Click on source tab to see all the sources that are now active.
  • Click on ‘All sources’ to see a list of sections which can be activated
  • If you select edit on type right corner after clicking on source you will list titled ‘Section visibility’.
  • From here we can click and turn the bar green to activate the section which we want to see in our list.

G) Restoring purchases

  • Open Cydia
  • Click on ‘Manage account’

  • In the next page login either with you Facebook or with your google account.
  • When you make any payment for any app using Amazon Payments and/or PayPal then those purchases will be linked to your Facebook or google account.
  • When you want to restore these purchases in any new apple phone device then you can just login into Cydia with the respective Facebook or google account.

The above guide should be enough to get you started with “how to use cydia on iPad or iPhone” comfortably for any other query do read the user guides.