How to Upload Photos To Instagram Directly from PC or Mac

Instagram has probably been the most popular app that allows you to share not just only photos but videos too with your friends, family and whoever you are connected to through the app. The app not only has sharing features but you can also go on to like and comment on photos and videos. It is designed to be mobile applicable only although you can surf through your Instagram feed on your browser from your computer. Instagram has an official app for Windows 10 users but it still doesn’t allow you to upload photos.

In case you are wondering what is the need of uploading a photo from your computer, you can always transfer it to your phone or just email the photos from your computer to your mobile, download it on your mobile and then go on to upload them via the Instagram app. But don’t you think that this seems a lot of work to do? Let’s imagine a situation, you clicked some photos from a camera, other than your phone’s camera and now you want to upload it. You have to put in the extra effort to get in on your PC and then transfer it to your mobile. But you forgot to edit the photo in Adobe Photoshop, edit it and transfer again. Ain’t that tedious? Transferring again and again doesn’t work for everyone. This turns out to be a pain. There’s no way to upload photos from the website nor any dedicated app for Mac or Windows users. Instagram might come with an update in the near future but who wants to wait? No one wants to wait ! So we have here a bunch of handy ways to upload photos to Instagram from your PC or Mac.

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3 Ways to Upload Photos To Instagram Directly from PC or Mac

1. Any Web Browser

This method is all about tricking Instagram into thinking we are accessing the site via a mobile, which does allow for photo uploads. This is sometimes called user agent spoofing. It is basically a piece of code that tells the website about the browser and operating system you are using. So let’s see how this method works. I will be telling you about some of the major browsers below. For these, log into your Instagram account through the web browser first and then follow the steps.

(i) With Chrome

Go to View and then click on Developer and then select developer tools from that. That will open the Developer Tools panel. You could also use shortcut key i.e. : (Ctrl + Shift + i ) to open the Develop Tools Panel.

Now, here is lot of code to digest. We don’t have to go through it, just look for the small icon at top left that shows a phone and tablet and click it. The browser window will now transform to the dimensions of a specific smartphone or tablet. So it now looks just like the mobile app. And, importantly, you can now see the camera icon. Click on the icon and go on with creating a new post.

(ii) With Safari

Go to Develop, select User Agent and then click on Safari – iOS. For some of you who don’t see the “Develop” option, first enable it from advanced menu in the Preferences. After clicking on Safari – iOS, your page should refresh and show the camera icon at the top. Go ahead with your new post.

2. BlueStacks

You have probably heard of BlueStacks, isn’t it? It is a free Android emulator. You can use any other emulator but one of the most consistent and trusted emulators that I have come across is Bluestacks. So, how does it work? First download it from here.

Once you have downloaded, you will need to setup an emulated Android device. Link your BlueStacks account and Google account both with the emulator and once it is setup go on to download Instagram from the Play Store. Now, everything works as it works on your mobile phone. What is that? First you have to sign-in to the app and then select photos, upload it, apply some Instagram filters and then share it. Ain’t that easy?

3. Uplet

It is one of the simplest option if you are using Mac but it doesn’t come free. Uplet costs around ₹850 and is lightweight and easy to use. The sad part is it doesn’t offer the ability to browse your Instagram feed. However you can use it to upload bulk photos and videos to Instagram in a few seconds. Once you download the app from the above link, just log into your Instagram account and drag and drop photos. The main interface of this app is just an add button. You can drag one or multiple photos onto it or use the + button to open the usual dialog to browse for them. Once you’ve added a photo, you can choose whether to display it cropped or not. Type in the caption, if you want and then hit share. It’s done !

There are also many other third party apps such as Deskgram, which comes for PC and Mac both. It is pretty straightforward enough to use. The main interface of this app looks like the older version of the Instagram mobile app. To get the upload facility you will have to upgrade to the Pro version for ₹200/month. Another method can also be using the cloud storage service Dropbox. This works for both PC or Mac. This does not directly upload your photos to Instagram but, sync your photos and the you can upload it from your phone only. What is the use of this method? You photos are kept safe and you don’t have to grab a data cable to transfer your photos every time.

Now, you have an easy way to share photos or videos with your Instagram followers the photos you took not with your phone, but any camera. Post the photos from your computer directly to Instagram without using your phone. Among the above mentioned methods, some are browser tricks, while some include installing another app. The third-party app doesn’t come free always, sometimes they are paid. Each method has it’s own advantage and disadvantage, they work in their own separate ways. Let us know about your experience of uploading photos to Instagram directly from PC or Mac in the comments section below.

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