In the present world we are living in the internet age and we have various options to use the internet according to our desires and wishes. In the world of internet, we are facing various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. These are the sites where different people all around the world interact with each other even though there’s no personal knowing of each other .The trend has changed that is earlier time it was first meeting then contact now its reverse in go . In these social media sites we can chat with each other, express our opinions on different issues, and post our messages, photos and videos. The most important aspect of these social media sites is that we can tag them or put a comment on their photo. Now it is okay, if the person following us on our page in the social media site like Twitter is tagging our photo. But if the person is a complete stranger and then this become really disturbing like seeing each time photo tagging in Twitter . It is bit awkward and embarrassing for anybody whose picture is being tagged by an unknown stranger. Those kinds of strangers tagging our photos are need to be strictly taken care off as these days online world is so curious to find a prey. So to avoid that kind of situation we can turn off the photo tagging option in Twitter via our iPhone using some simple guidelines those are as follows:

Twitter tag

1) The photo tagging feature of Twitter gives the ability to tag your photo automatically to anyone including strangers, so that’s why if you are one of the billion members on Twitter then you are provided with various options provided by this social media site such as :
a) Anyone
b) Only people you follow
c) No one.

These are the 3 different options given to a Twitter user so that he or she can select these options to control the photo tagging feature on their respective account. So let’s know in great detail how they give this ability to the Twitter user to control the photo tagging feature. The details are as follows:
a) Anyone:

This is an option that allows the user to let anyone including non-followers of your page in the Twitter world to tag your photo on your personal account.

b) Only People You follow:

This is the second option allows only those people who are following you on your personal account to tag your photos.

c) No one:

This is the third and last option that prohibits everyone including your followers on Twitter to tag photos on your page.

Tag people


2. To change the settings of the photo tagging feature on the iPhone, the user must have to follow the instructions very carefully, that are as follows:

a )  The user has to finger tap or click on the gear icon on the top right of on his or her iPhone or launch or start the Twitter application on iPhone.

b )   After that the user must have to mandatory select ‘settings’ options or finger tap on ‘Me’ symbol from the below or bottom right corner and next finger tap on ‘Settings’ symbol on iPhone.



c )   After selecting the settings options, the user must select or choose ‘Privacy and Security’ option or finger tap on your profile name on your iPhone.

Security and privacy

d )   After that finger tap on photo tagging. After that you will get the option to completely disable photo tagging to prohibit and prevent everybody from tagging you. If you do not want that than you can select the option ‘People I follow can tag me’ or ‘Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos’.

Privacy -Twitter

e )  After selecting the privacy option, you can choose any of the above mentioned options such as a) Anyone, b) Only People You Follow, c) No One.

After selecting any of these selected options, it will become completely impossible for any other people to get access to tag your photo in your esteemed Twitter profile on you iPhone. The photo tagging feature of Twitter such an interesting thing that has made a hobby of copying features from these prominent social media sites like Facebook, especially when when it is a public-traded company subjected to constant inspection from sponsors and investors .

On prominent social media sites, tagging photos normally happens among well connected friends and tagging the photos can be allowed by the profile user only and can be denied by the same person who has been tagged. Tagging photos on Twitter is a way to get closer and thus moves to great communication and interaction among people staying away thousands of miles from each other and making them to become followers of particular profile user on Twitter, because they are not normal friends in life. But only know each other from one hundred and forty character eruptions.

The photo tagging feature is a brilliant feature provided by the Twitter, but is also becoming the cause for constant online abuse due to this particular feature and many other features like this available on various social media sites. So now geeks hope I had given a solution to a really annoying problem of your social networking. So now you all know the best ways to How to Turn off Photo Tagging in Twitter on iPhone.